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Antibiotics (repeated or prolonged courses of broad-spectrum antibiotics)
Birth control pills
Poor digestion
Poor nutrition
Gut dysbiosis
Allergies, including food
Chemical sensitivities


Acne   Hives
Allergies that may worsen in damp, muggy, rainy conditions   Hypoglycemia
Anxiety   Hypothyroidism
Asthma   Impotence
Athlete’s foot   Indigestion
Bad breath   Insomnia and other sleep disorders nightmares, restless sleep
Bladder and kidney infections, cystitis   Intestinal pain
Bloating   Irrational fears
Brain fog (trouble concentrating, poor memory)   Irritability
Chemical sensitivities (dyes, soaps)   Jock itch
Chronic fatigue syndrome   Joint pain and swelling
Cold hands and feet, low body temperature   Lethargy
Colic, diaper rash and thrush in children   Migraines
Confusion   Mood swings (frequent)
Constipation   Mouth sores, bad breath, canker sores
Coughs   Mucous in stools
Cramps and other menstrual irregularities   Nasal congestion, post-nasal drip
Cravings, especially for sweets, starches and alcohol   Nausea
Cystitis or Interstitial Cystitis   Panic
Dandruff   PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome)
Depression   Prostatitis
Diarrhea   Psoriasis
Dizziness, loss of balance   Puffiness
Ear problems -- fluid build-up, tinnitis, recurrent infections   Rashes
Eczema   Rectal itching
Emotional problems   Respiratory distress – excess mucous from sinuses to lungs
Endometriosis or infertility   Saliva problems – blocked salivary glands, too little saliva
Eye problems – burning, itching, black spots in front, erratic vision   Sexual problems
Fatigue – chronic fatigue syndrome, lethargy, drowsiness   Sensitivities to perfumes, tobacco, fragrances
Food cravings   Sinus pressure

Food sensitivities, intolerances, or allergies

  Skin infections or dry, flaky skin
Fungal infections on skin and nails   Sleep disturbance
Gas (belching, flatulence)   Sore throat
Gastritis   Stiffness
Hair loss   Stomach problems – heartburn, belching, nausea, vomiting
Headaches   Thrush (white coated tongue)
Heart palpitations and irregular heart beat   Urinary infections, frequency or urgency
Heartburn   Vaginal yeast infections
Hemorrhoids   Weight gain

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