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To eliminate the candida overgrowth, it is necessary to destroy as many of the yeast organisms as possible, restore a balance of friendly or beneficial bacteria within the body, and consume foods and drinks that do not feed the yeast and are easiest to digest. This requires time and patience. The body must become healthy, able to digest and assimilate foods properly, and become strong so that the body’s natural defenses (immune system) can prevent the yeast from flourishing and overgrowing. Restoring the gut ecology is critical.

         Making significant changes to diet is the primary “cure” to candida overgrowth.

         Probiotics are critical, whether in the form of a SCD-legal supplement or fermented foods like yogurt.

         Supplementing minerals and vitamins is important during the healing process, as it will provide essential nutrients to help the immune system recover.

         Natural and prescription anti-fungal supplements are available in a SCD-legal form; however the resulting die-off symptoms can be stressful and uncomfortable and should be used cautiously. Use of an anti-fungal supplement is optional, not required.

         If anti-fungal supplements are used, it is important to rotate them in order to maintain effectiveness.

         Ointments (natural, OTC or prescription, all SCD-legal) may often relieve the discomfort and discharge in the genitourinary tract for both women and men that often accompanies a candida overgrowth.

         Healing or improving the digestive tract, restoring the overall gut ecology, is critical to long-term control of candida, but this requires time and patience.

         Remember the Hering's Law of Cure:   “all cure (healing) starts from within out, from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared or been suppressed.” 

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