Pecanbread Counselor Biography:

Melanie Dale

Our journey with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet started in 2010, the year of our son’s autism diagnosis. He also struggled with allergies. I will be forever grateful for the SCD—probably the single most important factor in his dramatic improvements—and for the help we received from Pecanbread that was vital for getting started. I marvel at Dr. Samuel Gee’s insightful comment, "We must never forget that what the patient takes beyond his ability to digest does harm.”

When I first read about the diet, my initial reaction was, “We can’t do that! All our favorite foods are off limits!” I was skeptical as to whether we could do it as vegetarians. As I learned more about the gut-brain connection, I began to understand the necessity of healing our son’s gut and quickly started our family on the diet as best I could. Dr. John Green, our DAN doctor, had known Elaine Gottschall and firmly believed in the SCD.

Our son’s situation was dire; I devoured Breaking the Vicious Cycle and became very familiar with the Pecanbread website, including the Stages and the recipes.

The help I received from Pecanbread has been vital to our success. I discovered that there’s lots of great food to enjoy on the SCD. In addition to many SCD cookbooks, there is a wealth of delicious ethnic dishes and plenty of delicious SCD baked goods, including muffins, waffles, burger buns, etc. No one needs to feel deprived!

Have you been doing the diet for a while and feel like it’s not helping? Don’t give up! It takes time, but it’s worth it! The time you spend on it now will help you/your child for a lifetime! We learned that regressions are normal and even somewhat predictable, and you will come through stronger.

In addition to the effect on digestion and brain issues, I discovered the connection between the gut and autoimmune disease. Because of my Hashimoto’s thyroid condition, I decided to follow the diet, too. As a result, I have enjoyed health benefits and feel better than I have for most of my life. (In earlier years, I sometimes suffered from bouts of bad diarrhea as well as extreme colds, coughs, flu, etc. I’ve since learned that at least 70% of immune health is in the gut.) A friend who followed the diet discovered that her depression lifted.

After these successes, it is my passion to help others who are suffering with health problems, psychological problems, and autoimmune issues. In addition to breaking down the science of it, I enjoy working through the “nuts & bolts” of the SCD. I love helping people with issues such as:

I have an M.A. in Biology, and I live with my husband and family in Oregon.

I am available to talk on the phone or by Skype/FaceTime, as well as by e-mail, and I can talk in short time blocks.

Melanie can be reached at: