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  Traditional and Online Resources       

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U.K. / United Kingdom sources       

"Breaking The Vicious Cycle is available online from, and it arrives within a couple of days if ordering.

Find out about SCD in the UK through this friendly, informative and easy to use site. Meet some of their group and see if their experiences match yours, locate UK resources, search an online database for beginners, and more.

"Ground almonds (aka almond flour) can be purchased from any major supermarket (Tesco's, Asda, Waitrose etc). They come in 100g and 200g packets - found in the home baking section.

"I have been able to locate a reliable nut supplier in the UK": HBS Foods Ltd, Unit 6, Washington Centre, Halesowen Road, Dudley, W. Midlands DY2 9RE. - Christine

"I have not yet found a source for DCCC but many SCD-ers use strained or dripped yoghurt instead (which seems to work).

"I bought my 1 litre yoghurt maker from Lakeland Plastics (telephone: 01539 488100) which is an online and mail order store here in the UK and it also sells the U.S. "cup" measure which you'll need to convert the recipes. Yoghurt maker costs about 17. It came within a few days and there are also stores all over the UK. I just plug mine in for at least 24 hours and use long-life UHT milk in 1 litre packs which I buy from any supermarket - I also use Yeo Valley organic plain yoghurt as my starter or you can buy a dried packet starter from Lakeland when you get the yoghurt maker." - Sarah

"I ordered a yoghurt maker from the UK ( and recieved a socket adapter (you don't need a voltage adapter) from Ann (one of the listmemebers). - John, in Sweden

"John Lewis make a 6 indiividual pot yoghurt maker, it is called the Kenwood Yogurelle. You can also order extra jars, so that you can make the next batch."

As of October 2003, Digestive Wellness ships overseas.

Probiotics in the UK: Custom Probiotics, the pure acidophilus powder, is available from Gut Doctor at 0870 774 7010 in Cornwall. You need to ask for the pure single strain as there is also a 5 strain (the 5 strain is said to be too strong for SCDers).



Yogurt makers in Belgium       
According to a Belgian listmember, "I live in Belguim, however sometimes we have the same products [as the UK]. I went to my local electrics store and found a 1 litre pot yogurt maker by DOMO.

It was very inexpensive, 700 BEF which is probably something less than 10 pounds. It has one drawback, its maximum time is 10 hours. There weren't any others. When it gets to the 10 hours it plays a little tune, we just unplug it and plug it back in again, and it keeps going. If we want to go to bed or something, we unplug/replug even though it isn't 10 hours."


SCD "Quick Reference" Food List       

A listserve member has created simple business-card style lists of foods which are allowed and not allowed. These are not a substitute to reading Elaine's book, but they may be handy when dining out, visiting friends and relatives. (Requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

|> Abbreviated Food List / "Can Eat-Can't Eat Cards" (pdf)


Dry Curd Cottage Cheese / Farmers Cheese       
We've compiled many DCCC sources on their own page.       


The Almond Board of California - has a very informative site dedicated to promoting the dietary benefits of almonds.

Here is a lot of information about almonds and almond vendors; and here is some information about walnuts and walnut vendors. Remember, if you think nut flour is expensive, consider what this subscriber wrote: "I have used my coffee ginder to grind hazel nuts and it turned out fine, also saving money. I ended up paying $3.50 for a large container of flour instead of $7.00."

One subscriber points out "a commercial flour can easily be contaminated with a gluten grain, as one can't easily wash the machine between batches. For the PaleoFood list I did a little research on grinders. Nuts, being oily, can't be ground in all grinders. I found out that there are three types of grinders, but only one suitable for oily foods, the burr grinder. A good description of the types can be found at: Which Grinder is Best For You?. In my correspondence with the fellow at Walton Feed we discussed the amount of oil in nuts, as an impact grinder can handle ones that are "low" in oil. His list is: pecan (71.2% oil); hichory nut (68.7%); Brazil nut (66.9%); walnut (60%); almond (54.2%); pistachio (53.7%); beechnut (50%); peanuts (47.5%); cashew (41.7%); neem (40%); coconut (35.3%); flax seed (35%); candlenut (30%). - Don Wiss

One subscriber "..found a wonderfully detailed discussion on the nutrional value of nuts at: I thought about posting the article but decided it was too long. Almonds are 20% protein and 60% fat. Pecans are 10% protein and 70% fat (the lowest protein, highest fat nut)." - Ellen Adams

Regarding cashews: "Try Walnut Acres for cashews. They have verified to me that they do not add any starch to their nuts during the roasting stage." - Eileen Feim

Many people purchase almond nut flour from Lucy's Kitchen Shop. According to Anne in Canada, "Last week I received my first order of whole oraganic almonds and other almond products from an online source in California --- Everything they sent has been great, fresh and reasonably priced. I dealt with Mr. Richard Johnstone, who bent over backwards to offer good service. My 18-month-old twins, by the way, who have no digestive problems, love the almond meal mixed with yogourt. I am in Canada, and one thing I would recommend if you order is that you specify they ship it via the regular U.S. postal Service instead of by courier (UPS or Fed-Ex). I have ordered things in the past from the U.S., had them sent by UPS, and was unpleasantly surprised each time by a large brokerage fee added on for clearing the border. Not so with the regular mail deliveries. Anyway, try"

Don't forget to try the nut butter recipes!




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