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Dry curd cottage cheese (dccc) can be frozen, and when thawed the curd has a softer, lighter consistency which is useful when baking.

SCD-legal dry curd cottage cheese may also be called "farmer's cheese" or "dry curd farmer cheese". Regardless of what it is called, it must meet the following criteria to be SCD-legal:

  • No milk products are added to cream the dry curd after the culture has worked on the curd (no milk is added after fermentation).

If you can't find your location listed below, look for an adjacent location that might carry dry curd cottage cheese. Many grocery stores will special-order dry curd upon request. Also, national chains don't always carry DCCC in your local area (but you can often make a special request). Keep in mind it might be in the "deli" cheese section, or the regular cheese section near the cream cheese or the block cheeses. Also, instead of buying DCCC through Amazon, we advise people to do a search online for dairy farms closest to them, and calling them to ask which stores order dry curd cottage cheese on on a regular basis, which will help you locate a local supplier and help you save money.

Please use the Feedback form to email the webmasters if you find other SCD-legal dry curd cottage cheese or farmers cheese sources that should be listed here. Check the SCD Store and Food Options links for additional resources.


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  Large or National Chain Quality Food Centers (sometimes known as Fry's Food & Drug) 3/24/02
  Large or National Chain Super K-Mart "..basically, any place that carries Meadow Gold products (and that is about seven states around Colorado) should be able to get DCCC." 3/24/02
  Large or National Chain Wal-Mart ""..basically, any place that carries Meadow Gold products (and that is about seven states around Colorado) should be able to get DCCC." 3/24/02
  Large or National Chain Whole Foods. Many locations carry DCCC. Their website also contains some (typical, non-SCD) information for Celiacs, as well as a useful listing of common prescription drugs and possible reactions they may have with other drugs and herbal remedies. The dry curd is often found under the Friendship Farmer's brand name, from Friendship Dairies as well as Lifeway. 9/18/2011
  Large or National Chain The Fresh Market. According to Gay, "...similar to Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, but smaller. They'll order a case for me (12 pounds) at a time, and it freezes quite well." Store locations: 5/1/2011
  National Distributor Advantage International Foods Corp, a distributor to Whole Foods, Fresh Fields, Shop Rite, and more. Advantage Foods is no longer distributing Friendship Farmers or Hoop Cheese (DCCC products). Elaine had previously indicated "the New Way Natural Day "Dry Farmer Cheese" is the only product that is SCD-legal. The cream cheese is illegal and the yogurt products (Tzatziki) are illegal. Even the New Way hoop cheese has milk added AFTER the culture which accounts for some [illegal] lactose". Contact Richard Kessler at 973-575-3500. 1/11/04
  East Coast and CA distribution Friendship Farmer's Cheese and Friendship Hoop Cheese. According to Elaine at the beginning of 2004, Friendship "is closing down much of the production of the Hoop and, therefore, SCDers are left mainly with Farmers. The Hoop will still be available in delies in NYC, etc. but may eventually disappear even from these places. That is OK as my conversation with the dairy scientist at Friendship has led me to believe SCDers are just fine with Farmers." Here's a photo of what it looks like. Many Russian delis in major US cities carry the Friendship brand. As well, check their web site for local retailers:
AZ Mesa/Phoenix According to Aaron, "I found dry curd cottage cheese (DCCC) at AJ's Fine Foods on Val Vista and Baseline in Mesa, Arizona. No dice at Fry's, Bashas, or the new Whole Foods off the 101 in Chandler. According to Ashlea, Sprouts in Suprise carries it. According to Bonita, "AJ's Camelback & Central, as well as Camelback & 44th St carries Farmer's Cheese".
AZ Tucson According to Diane, "AJ's Fine Foods on Skyline just west of Campbell currently carries Friendship Farmer Cheese in the 7.5oz packages. They sell out very quickly, so call ahead to be sure they are in stock. They can hold some for you, if you like -- or, if out of stock, will call you when the shipment comes in." 8/15/2009
AZ Tucson According to Toby, "Sunflower Market on Speedway carries Friendship Farmer's cheese in salt-free and salted variety. I don't know if the other Sunflower locations (I believe there are three) in Tucson carry Friendship." 7/11/2009
AZ Tucson Wild Oats on Speedway Blvd. According to Stephanie, also try Sprouts Markets. 2/10/2008
CA Century City According to Andy, "Gelson's Market in Century City carries both Farmer's Cheese and Hoop Cheese." 7/6/2008
CA Encinitas According to Jeff, "Sprouts in Encinitas, CA (Encinitas Blvd & Manchester)". 11/29/2012
CA Monterrey According to Cesar, you can get "Lifeway Farmer Cheese at
"International Market & Deli" on the corner of Lighthouse Ave and Hoffman Ave."
CA San Diego

According to Jen, "I always find it at Henry's/Bonies whatever your city calls their store by this company. I live in San Diego and it is always in stock at our stores. It is kept with the specialty cheeses not in the dairy section. I believe I found it also at a local Vons."

According to Sharon, "The Henry's on Rancho Santa Fe Road has it in their deli cheese counter and it comes in a white rectangular box (like packaged cream cheese) and says SCD legal right on the front. Jimbo's also sells a goat Farmers cheese and it comes in a round ball (but I thought it tasted too salty.)"

According to Judy, "I get my DCCC at Henry's Market in Oceanside. They don't carry it, but I special order a case at a time and put it in the freezer. The dairy manager does it for me."

According to Dan, "I found "Low fat Farmers Cheese" from FRESHMADE @ Balboa International Market (5907 Balboa Avenue, San Diego, Ca 92111 - 858-277-3600). FRESHMADE is located in Philadelphia, PA. I spoke to the person in charge of production. He informed me that they use milk from Amish farms in the area. The method is old world traditional: culture, drain and boil the milk with out adding anything else (sugar, salt, cream, milk etc.) to it."

According to Anna, "I found Friendship brand Farmer Cheese, both salted and unsalted, at Bristol Farms on Genesee in San Diego. I have recently called around and gone in to the listed San Diego Henry's stores and they no longer carry DCCC."

CA Santa Rosa According to Jason, "I've found two sources of DCCC in Santa Rosa, CA: European Food Store (2790 Santa Rosa Ave) has a variety of choices: Friendship Farmer Cheese (both 3lb and 1lb packages), Fresh Made Farmer Cheese (1 lb packages), and Lifeway White Cheese (1lb packages).
The Whole Foods at Coddingtown Center has Friendship Farmer Cheese in small 1/2 lb packages."
CA Sunnyvale/Los Altos According to Karen, "I get dry curd cottage cheese from Whole Foods in Los Altos (on El Camino near San Antonio Rd). It is labeled 'Friendship Farmers Cheese' and comes in a 3 lb log, which they usually sell in smaller wrapped pieces or in a plastic pint tub. I buy the whole log (to get the '10% case discount') and have them cut it for me into 4 and then I it till ready to use". 7/11/2009
CA Westlake Village According to Kathy in Ventura County, "The Whole Foods in our area doesn't carry it. But the local Gelson's (in Westlake Village) carries it. It's the real deal - Friendship Dairies Hoop Cheese." 7/28/2007
CA Yorba Linda Henry's Marketplace 3/12/02
CO Colorado Springs According to Lance, "Cub Foods carries DCCC!" He also notes availability at his local Albertson's store. 8/16/03
CO Denver/Highlands Ranch According to Sam, "I have found DCCC at two King Soopers here in Highlands Ranch, which is south of Denver - The one on the corner of University and Highlands Ranch parkway and the one at the corner of Wildcat Reserve and Fairview". 3/19/05
DC Washington According to Anna, "Wegmans carries the non-salt version of Friendship DCCC. It is so good!! I use it for baking, eating in the morning and etc." According to Julie, it can be found at Magruders in the DC area. 8/7/2011
FL   Publix and Winn-Dixie carry the Friendship brand Farmer cheese. 3/24/02
ID Boise According to Katy, "Lifeway Farmer Cheese" is available at Winco. 7/27/2010
IL Champaign Meijer's on North Prospect 6/7/02
IL Wheaton According to Joe, "Lifeway Farmer's Cheese is available at Whole Foods". 6/20/2010
IN   According to Tawnya, "HyVee grocery is a Midwest regional chain. They may have DCCC on the shelf. If not, they can order it in. HyVee carries Roberts brand of dairy products and Roberts makes DCCC. My store (small rural town) will order in 6 - 12oz cartons at a time for me. ($1.99 as of March 2011). Check with the dairy manager. 5/1/2011
IN Carmel Meijer's store 8/28/2007
IN Clay City According to Brenda, "The Swiss Connection, which is a grass-based Dairy in Clay City IN, sells DCCC in wonderful, freezable heavy plastic vacuum sealed bags for under $2.00 a lb. So, not only is it DCCC for a great price, it's also grass-fed, hormone, pesticide and antibiotic free DCCC. Contact: Alan/Mary Yegerlehner @ (812)939-2813." 8/3/02
IN Clay City/Indianapolis According to Carolyn, one can buy "DCCC at the farmers market, Indianapolis, IN, [from] the Swiss Connection booth at the Trader's Point Creamery on Fridays from 4-7 p.m. The farmer is located Clay City, IN and had driven into Indianapolis for the farmer's market. He also sells DCCC mailorder. The website is: " 7/2/06
KS Lawrence According to Linda, ""Roberts" at Food-For-Less in Topeka, Kansas; I also found Almond Flour at The Mercantile Cooperative in Lawrence, Kansas". 1/9/05
LA Covington Marilyn gets her Friendship Dairy Farmer's Cheese at the Fresh Market in Covington. 12/10/05
MA Boston Area Stop & Shop carries the Friendship Dairy Farmer Cheese. Also, Butcherie on Harvard Street in Brookline. 7/10/05
MA Various According to Doug in MA, "I've found [DCCC] at Market Basket, Stop and Shop and Roche Brothers (Market Basket is 1/2 the price of the others). The problem is the clerks in the stores probably don't know what it is so you have to search for it yourself, and it's tough to spot unless you've found it before. To add to the confusion I've only found Friendship Dairies Farmer Cheese, so it's not even called DCCC. Someone else on the list wrote she finds it at the Butcherie on Harvard St in Brookline." 1/17/2010


Chicopee Fruit Fair carries the Friendship Farmer's cheese in the meat case. 1/9/05
MA Chicopee Chicopee Provision Co. carries Friendship Farmer's cheese in 3 pound packages. They also ship the product via their web site: (product 120400). 7/28/2007
MA Berkshire area (western MA) According to Josef, "...Price Chopper and Big Y carry it and it's in their "Deli" cheese section, not the regular cheese section.  At Stop and Shop, even the person in the deli said they were not able to get it, they indeed had in in their regular section of cheeses near the soft cheeses - mozarella, etc."  
MD   According to Teresa, "Giant carries Friendship DCCC in MD", but according to Julie, it can only be found at some Magruders in the DC area. 8/7/2011
ME Turner Nezinscot Farm Store. According to Holly Perron, "Contact Gloria Varney--Nezinscot Farm Store, Rt. 117, Turner, Maine, (207) 225-3231. She runs a working dairy farm where the owner makes DCCC for sale in her farm store. She has her own milk pasteurizer in which to make the DCCC. I have tried it and it is the best. I am sure she would be willing to expand her market and look into shipping possibilities." 3/24/02
MI Lansing According to Merry, "..found Friendship Farmers Cheese and Lifeway Farmer Cheese (dry curd) at the Goodrich Shoprite on Trowbridge in East Lansing. Foods for Living also carries the Lifeway brand." 12/8/2013
MN   According to Leslie, "Cub Foods carries it as a seasonal item (Fall/Winter).  Call your local store to confirm that they carry it.  In calling two stores, they had different brand names." 5/1/2011
MN Hastings and Minnetonka According to Blomgem, "Lakewinds Food Co-op – Richfield, on Lyndale Ave, Minnetonka, Chanhassen, as well as Hastings Co-op Creamery Dairy 1701 Vermillion St, Hastings, MN 55033 (651) 437-9414" 3/15/2015
MT Montana-wide According to Sheila, "Meadow Gold makes Dry Curd Cottage Cheese. It should be available in most grocery
stores in the Midwest."
NC   According to Robin, BJ's Wholesale Club carries Friendship Farmer Cheese". 7/28/2007
NC Ballantyne    
NC   According to Karen in NC, "..most Food Lions, and Harris Teeter" carry Farmer's cheese. 3/24/02
NH Portsmouth According to Rickie in NH, "you can buy the DCCC at Market Basket and at Hannaford (the old Pic 'n Pay)". 7/20/03
NH Concord According to Lorraine in NH, she "found the dry curd cheese (farmers cheese) at Market Basket in Concord, NH and they will order extra for you if you need it." 4/6/04
NV Reno According to Christine, "Get DCCC at the Albertson's at 4995 Kietzke Lane, Reno, NV 89502 (775) 827-5350. The DCCC can be supplied through Model Dairy in 5 lb. packages/tubs". 2/25/04
NY Upstate (Albany) According to Josef, "Honest Weight Food Co-op carries it $8 per pound, and they well it in smaller quantities." 9/19/2011
NY Monsey, and by mail-order According to Doug in MA, "Mehadrin Farmer's Cheese is legal". Purchase at the store or online at 1/17/2010
OH Akron/Montrose According to Jared, "Giant Eagle in Montrose, Ohio (close to Akron, Ohio). Carries "Dean's Dry Curd Cottage Cheese" It is a VERY dry chunky substance and to the best of my knowledge is exactly what is discussed in the "breaking the vicious cycle" book.
OR Eugene According to Cathy,"Capella Market in Eugene. It is made in Portland by Alpenrose Dairy" 8/7/2011
OR Portland According to Britt, "I purchase the Alpenrose Brand at Zupan's Markets in the Portland area regularly", and according to Bill, it is also found at New Seasons Markets in the Portland area. 11/9/2013
OR Salem and Portland According to Heidi, "Life Source Natural Foods in Salem sells dry curd cottage cheese. It's also available via the main facility at 801 NE 21st Avenue, Portland, OR".  
OR   Sunshine Dairy Foods in OR and WA. 6/13/06
PA Camp Hill According to Grace, "Wegmans Camp Hill location has the 3 lb. Friendship brand of Dry Curd Cottage Cheese". 1/4/2011
PA Southwestern PA According to Brian, "Penn Hills Community Supermarket 1117 Milltown Rd Verona, PA 15147 412-793-4020 carries Turner Dairy brand".  
PA York According to Eileen, "the Price Rite chain carries it and she found plenty of it" in their store in York, PA. 6/27/2010
SC Charleston According to Claudia, Earth Fare has "everything you will need". 6/29/03
SC Hilton Head According to Janet, you can get it at Publix on Hilton Head Island. 4/12/2012
SC Lake Wylie According to Angie, "Friendship Dairies Farmers Cheese at the BiLo grocery store at the corner of Hwy 49 and Hwy 274." 1/23/2011
TN   According to Kay, "The only place in TN I found the farmer's cheese is Publix grocery stores. It is even labeled SCD LEGAL. $1.99 per package." According to Cathy, "Friendship Farm brand farmer cheese can be purchased at The Fresh Market and at a couple of Kroger locations"
TX Austin According to Alexis, "Dry Curd Farmers Cheese by Lifeway at H-E-B Central Market in Austin, Texas." 1/27/12
TX Austin According to Mimi, White Egret farm in Austin, Texas makes SCD legal DCCC from goat's milk. They are a wonderful, health-conscious farming community (the owners are microbiologists from UT Austin so they really care about the quality of their products). They can send you anything by mail. You can call them at 512-276-7408.
TX Dallas Minyard's Kosher Deli 3/6/02
TX Dallas area According to Pam, the HEB chain's "Central Market" on Coit carries farmer's cheese, kefir, and more!. 7/5/03
TX Houston According to Lisa, Belden's Market on Braeswood carries "the little brick packs we all know and love". According to Deva, Lifeway Farmer's Cheese is available at "Central Market" on Westheimer and Westlayan. 1/9/05
TX San Antonio According to Diaz, "HEB Alon Market carries it." 7/10/10
UT Murray According to Sarah, "Sunflower Farmer's Market on 6284 s State Street in Murray, Utah now carries Friendship Farmer's Cheese" 9/18/11
UT Ogden and Roy According to Rex, the Harmons at 5 points in Ogden and the 5 points in Roy both carry farmer's cheese. 2/9/12
VA VA/MD/DC area According to Heather, "Friendship's Farmer's Cheese in the Northern VA/MD/Washington DC area can be found at BJ's Wholesale Club stores, Giant supermarkets (in Landover and Carlisle locations only)." 7/28/07
VA Northern VA Wegman's grocery store 10/11/05
WA Seattle/Bellvue Delicatessen Of Europe, 129 106th Ave Ne., (425) 455-9590. 4/21/02
WA Seattle area According to Jackie, (Small Potatoes Urban Delivery) is an organic store in the Seattle area that carries DCCC. 4/5/08
WA Seattle According to George, "European Foods @13520 Aurora Ave.N. Seattle Has DCCC undre Farmers Cheese . Many legal cheeses are available. Good selection. Small store is close to the Sams Club mega store." 8/6/02
WI Westby According to Norm, "Westby Creamery in Westby WI.  They also have shipping." 11/29/2012
WI   According to Cindy, "Woodmans and Cub Foods grocery stores both carry DCCC". 3/11/06

Region City Location & Notes Added /
  Online Resource Upper Canada Lower Bowel Society ( maintains an additional list of Canadian SCD resources. 3/24/02
Manitoba Winnipeg Safeway carries the Lucerne brand. 3/24/02
Ontario Mississauga

David Reberts, (905) 502-7700.

Additional Ontario-area sources for DCCC, almonds, SCD-legal bacon, and more.

Ontario Ottawa Rainbow Natural Foods, (613) 726-9200; and Loblaws, (613) 722-3227. 3/24/02

Country City Location & Notes Added /
  Online resources In addition to the locations listed below, you may also want to visit some of the other localized international SCD web sites. 3/24/02
Australia Syndey

Jenny reports: called "Farm Style Cottage Cheese" by Premium Dairies for Maple Foods, carb content is less than 1%. You can get it at the factory itself, where it costs $8 per kilo (a kilo is a *lot*) and is available in
500g packets. The address is 102-104 Ballandella Road Pendle Hill NSW 2145 (tel 02 9631 3166) OR you can ask a deli or other retail outlet to get it for you. You can get in touch with Premium Dairies, find out where they deliver to that is near you, then get that shop to order a packet of Farm Style Cottage
Cheese for you. You can also contact Peter Marks from Maple Foods in Melbourne.

Anne-Marie reports you can get Premium Dairies' products at "Quattro Formaggi Deli in Chatswood Chase shopping centre, Sydney"

Israel Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

According to Fraidy Burstein and Roz White, "David Roz has translated the SCD book to Hebrew, and there are two stores sell DCCC and homemade SCD yoghurt in Israel. David sells a Hebrew translation of the SCD book with the recipes adapted for Kosher cooking. He has a monthly newsletter in Hebrew and he said he has something for beginners to ease them into the diet. Phone #: 054-777-0451 for advice on SCD every morning Sunday - through Friday, from 8am till 8:30am. Address: POB 41061 Jerusalem, Israel
The store in Bnai Brak (near Tel Aviv) is called Hoss (Heh, vav, samech is the Hebrew spelling of the store's name) and it is on the corner of the streets-Hazon Ish and Rabbi Akiva. The strore in Jerusalem is called the Teva Market and it is in Shabbat Square, phone # 02-532-3940."

According to Michal, "There is a SCD legal cottage cheese made by Tenuvah (the main producer of dairy here). It's called Cottage Tenuvah 9% (only the 9% is OK) and is sold in small green containers".

New Zealand Verona Marylin Goodall reports DCCC is available at Verona Organic Farms 09 420 4535 0508 Verona (freephone)

Updated: Aug 7, 2011