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  SCD-friendly doctors and medical practitioners

We keep adding new doctors as they are sent to us! If you are looking for a doctor in a specific geographic location that is not listed here, please post a message on one of the SCD listserves. The list is organized alphabetically by state.


  M.D.'s and medical practitioners


  • Dr. Brian Cabin, M.D., in Tucson, AZ.
    According to Sheila Shea, "he tells people about SCD and BTVC. He knows the benefits from personal experience with it. And a colleague and sport buddy of his, an eye doctor, got on it and benefitted and knows what to do. Dr. Cabin deals more with intestinal issues in his practice and Paul, the eye doc, does not."


  • Dr Graeme Shaw, Los Altos, CA (650) 947-6700. Per Mary Holford in San Jose, CA.
  • Dr. Donald Abrahm, 1525 Superior Ave. Suite 104 Newport Beach, CA 92663 Phone (949) 631-2670
    According to Steve Case, "He asked how I was doing and I told him "the best in years". He asked what I attributed the improvement to and I told him the SCD. He asked if I would like to come to the local CCF chapter meeting and share my thoughts on the diet..."
  • Dr. Janice M. Alden, The Working Body, Oakland, CA 94610 (510) 286-8100
    Per Keri Klein, "My chiropractor said today that it's fine to add her information to our list of scd-friendly doctors. She "discovered" BTVC for me (I was her first patient to try SCD) and now has one other patient following SCD with positive results. She is a wonderful, warm person who listens and has "healing hands." Her office also provides Pilates, personal training and massage."
  • Carolyn M. Cohen, M.T.O.M., L.Ac., 6404 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 701, Los Angeles, CA 90048 (323) 852-9704
    According to Tova, "..(doctor of oriental medicine, she put me on the diet and others as well. She has read the book. She is a teacher at a college of oriental medicine and teaches the book in her classes. She is willing as long as it is clear that that she practices acupuncture and oriental medicine.)"
  • Jakob Jaggy, MD, 575 Stanislaus Ave, Angels Camp, CA (209) 736-2636
    Per Rebecca, "I am so proud of my doctor. Two weeks ago, I gave him a copy of BTVC. I hear he has recommended it to some patients (he went to medical school in Switzerland so I believe he is better trained in healthful living than some)."

  • Janene Mitchell, L.Ac., C.S.T., 9730 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 211, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 (310) 614-820.
    According to Tova, "She does acupuncture, massage and a Taoist abdominal massage which is heavenly. In addition, I have been doing the massage each night before sleep. It works on all organs in the abdomen and helps me sleep better. She will be reading the book and is very interested in helping people on the diet."
  • Dr. Hillel Naon, Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles, 4650 Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323) 669-2181.
    According to Lori, "My daughter has UC and has been seeing [this] pediatric GI doctor who has seen the diet's success and recommends it to his patients. He, of course, uses the traditional drugs as well."
  • Dr. Eric Vasiliauskas, Center for Digestive Disease, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA (310) 423-4100.
    According to Melanie, he "actually admitted that the SCDiet is a definite "treatment that works" for Crohn's. He did specify the importance of STRICTLY ADHERING TO THE DIET FOR IT TO WORK."
  • Lucy Nerus LAc, Licensed Acupuncturist at Inner Health Center, 17203 Ventura Blvd #5, Encino, CA 91316, (818) 789-2700 tel
    (818) 789-2701 Lucy is on the SCD and specializes in Classical 5-Element acupuncture.
  • Stephen Feig, DO, 208 Vista Bella, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, tel: 831-471-2371, According to Jill, "He is SCDiet friendly."
  • Dr. Rick Petersen and Dr. Carrie Mousseau. HealthNow Medical Center, 1309 Mary Avenue, Suite 100, Sunnyvale, CA 94087. tel: .408-733-0400 According to June, "They are both great. I'm sure they would love to be on the list. They are not knowledgeable about SCD but believe that gluten and grains are a big problem for many people. They have been very patient and understanding with me."
  • M. Teresa Swida, D.O. Comprehensive Community Health Centers 5059 York Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90042 tel: 323-344-4144 According to Susan, "She told me about leaky gut, other tests we should do, some of which would not be covered by insurance. She also talked about probiotics, IgG testing, and chelation. She said she would treat my son the exact same way (I don't know if she takes kids yet). And that was only my first appointment!"
  • **Dr. Andre Lallande, D. O., and Dr. A. Robert Franco, M.D. 11725 Slate Ave. Suite 100 Riverside, CA 92505 tel: 951-788-0850 According to Susan, "Dr. Franco, who is the head of the Arthritis Center. Dr. Lallande, who took lots of blood and asked lots of questions. Told me I don't need meds!
  • **Dr.Todd Shiohama, Acupuncturist, 5451 E. South ST., Lakewood, CA tel: 562-920-7777 According to Mimi, "I have been getting acupuncture and herbs for a doctor in Lakewood.
    Ever since I started taking the herbs I have great like new. The blood is almost gone, normal poo's, no emergencies. virtually no more signs. Its been a miracle has healed me.
    Its not 100% and I am still on the diet. I did eat chocolate, traveled and ate fruit which I could do before and I've been fine."
  • **Dr. Sharon Taylor at Childrens Hospital, San Diego, CA tel: 858-966-4003. According to Delalle, "She is part of a group, but is the only one within that group that is open to the SCD."
  • **Mary L. Johnson, Pediatric Ambulatory Care Center 730 Welch Road Palo Alto, CA 94304 tel: 650-723-5070. According to Lorene, "Kaylie Nguyen and Kathleen Cox, nurse practitioners in the clinic are very supportive of the SCD."
  • **Dr. Suma Sudheendran, MD, Gastroenterology and Nutrition, Clinical Fellow According to Laurie/Les, "She is at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. She is the only one here that
    I have talked to that was knowlegable about the diet. Everone else sort of knew of it and said well it might help the sysptoms."
  • **William Harold, MD, Internal Medicine, 2021 Santa Monica Blvd. #337,Santa Monica, CA 90404, tel: 310 315-7922 According to Lou, "MOST IMPORTANT: He will tell you what foods/herbs to eat to help with inflammation and for healing. He will test your blood (FIA Test Description) forantioxidants/nutrients/minerals/amino acids/B Vitamins/other things to see what is missing in your body-very helpful! especially if you have lost blood and on limited liquid/ foods. He will talk to you about the results and then you can add the supplements to your diet/ or dietary changes. He knows about SCD diet, but is not as well informed as one would hope. He does have vitamins that are not SCD approved. Has helped me allot, but does think it's OK to use non SCD things which I will not do."
  • **Dorothy Calabrebe, M.D., 24953 Pased De Valencia 4A, Laguna Hills, 92653, CA tel: 949-454-0509, According to M Bower, "Allergist / Immunologist She has been so helpful to me and my friend. She does not charge you for a consultation unless you end up as her patient. Low cost clinicin Glendale: also office in San Diego Pasadena Office"
  • David Resneck-Sannes, 5403 Scotts Valley Drive, Scotts Valley, CA 95066 tel: 831-438-5222. According to Steph, "I like him because he tolerates me! I asked him about SCD, and he replied that he knows a woman who overcame full-blown MS on such a grain-free diet... Asked me to do the BTVC by Elaine Gottschall."


  • Dr. R. Gerdes. 2 Steele St. Suite 200, Denver, Co 80206
    According to Elaine, "All I can tell you is that he has been ordering books from me for a very long time."
  • Dr. Juetersonke D.O. in Colorado Springs, CO. "Recommends the SCDiet" - Maryann Hill.
  • Dr. Deborah Neigut, Denver Children's Hospital, Aurora, CO. "She was quite amazing and while she did have him [my son] on the Elemental Diet (where he gained 20 pounds and is now relatively healthy), before we moved she told me to start looking into SCD." - Jennifer M.


  • Dr. Rick Liva, Middletown, CT, tel: (860) 347-8600.
    According to Jeff Goldschlager, "He is a naturopathic physician".
  • K. Pramila Vishvanath, N.D., Fairfield, Connecticut, tel: (203) 259-2700.
    According to Martha, "She told us about Elaine's books "Food and the Gut Reaction", and "Breaking the Vicious Cycle", and the web site. She also prescribed certain supplements. She is so wonderful and supportive! For the past 11 years, she always had pointed us in the right direction."


  • Patrick Purdue, D.O.M. Seminole, FL 33776, tel: (727) 319-8819
    Rachel Turet posted this introduction on behalf of Purdue: "I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine practicing in the State of Florida. I was frustrated with the the slow response I was getting with patients suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, and so on. A lot of what we had to offer was superior to the drug approach, in that we were able to make some positive improvements rather than only the "managing symptoms" approach offered by conventional medicine with drugs like prednisone. However, symptoms such as abdominal bloating and discomfort still plagued many of my patients. I had the opportunity to hear an interview with Elaine Gottschall a few years ago, read "Breaking The Vicious Cycle," and began using this diet as the cornerstone to the majority of my gut disease patients. It transformed my practice. Between using various Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formulas, targeted nutritional supplements where appropriate, acupuncture as needed, and various other protocols, many patients have been saved from a lifetime of misery. I cannot express how grateful I am to Elaine Gottschall and the valuable research she has contributed. Unfortunately, much of conventional medicine is still stuck in the outdated notion that diet has little to do with disease. I'm glad that people like Elaine Gottschall has enabled practitioners like me to offer hope to those dissatisfied with "the system." I would be happy to answer any questions to anyone curious about what I do in my clinic." A detailed explanation of the clinic's success was posted to the listserve on May 16, 2000.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, 1688 W. Hibiscus Boulevard, Melbourne, 32901,, tel:321-953-0278. According to James, this doctor specializes in autism.
  • Dr. Julie Buckley is a DAN pediatrician based in Jacksonville, FL.
  • Dr.Wang, Acupuncturist, Jacksonville, FL, tel: 904-396-0898.



  • Dr. Bennett Plotnick, Rush North Shore Medical Center, Kenton Building, Skokie, IL 60076, tel: 847-674-2087
    According to Holly, "He is 100% MD but 100% dedicated to seeing you get well. He is very well known in the area (north suburbs). He only prescribes medicine, but he is open to you doing anything and supporting you throught it. He knows that I opted for SCD, acupuncture, and chinese herbs over Remicade and 6MP, and he knows someone who got well on "the other book." Best of all is his bedside manner - once I called to ask him about a symptom and then went on a business trip without getting to talk to him - he called me back regularly for two weeks to try to get a hold of me - he even called on a Sunday!!! And he's the Director of Gastroenterology at the Hospital - a very busy man! It will take over a month to get an appt, but it's worth it, I think. Then again, I never had any other gastro. And the Rush North Shore Gastro team has a high ranking: U.S. News and World Report ranked Rush North Shore Medical Center among the top 50 hospitals in the country for the treatment of digestive disorders in its 2002 "America's Best Hospitals" edition."


  • Dr. Mary Lour Hulseman Ph 317-621-1700 Fax 317-621-1711 9560 Easst 59th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46216 Accepting new patients by referral only.


  • According to the SCD New England Yahoo Group "MGH for Kids in Waltham and Boston: Dr. Fusunyan, Dr. Katz and Dr. Buie are all pro-SCD. Dr. Biller is ANTI-SCD and Dr. Israel is wishy-washy ("if you want to do it, I won't stop you"). No docs at Children's were recommended (not that there aren't any who are pro-SCD there, just maybe no one on this list sees them). There is also a nutritionist at MGH who works w. families implementing the SC diet. She is in Waltham." (Note: recent email in 2012 indicate some of these doctors at MGH may have slightly different opinions of the SCD than when this post was first noted on the SCD support group. Call the doctors to learn more.)
  • According to JoAnn in MA, "we go to Dr. Ken Bock in Rhinebeck NY. Others go to Jeanne Hubbuch, MD
    288 Walnut Street, Ste. 420 Phone: 617-965-7770, and Carol Englender, MD 160 Speen Street, Ste. 203 Phone: 508-875-0875."


  • Dr. Mark Gloger, 9711 Medical Center Drive, Suite 308, Rockville, MD (301)251-1244.
    According to one listserve member, this doctor has given a copy of BTVC to his mother-in-law. [Editor's sarcastic note: is that really an endorsement?! :-) ]

  • Dr. Elizabeth Sirran Gannt, Gathersburg Olney, MD (301) 251-9555.
    According to Lucy, Dr. Sirran Gannt "did tell the patient about the diet and suggested she try it. Pretty good news considering that she is a card carrying gastroenterologist."


  • Dr. Eugenius Ang, 3985 Stone School Rd., Ann Arbor, MI tel: (734) 971-4460
    According to James & Cathy Yokota, "My gastroenterologist/internal medicine doctor is in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is very good and supports my decision to follow the SCD. He also orders tests for me sometimes from the Great Smokies Lab. He's very nice and is definitely "SCD friendly."
  • Mark Devore, MD, 22250 Providence Drive Suite 604, Southfield, MI 48075-6214, (248) 569-1770
    According to KJ, "..I went to see my GI today and told him about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. He said he was familiar with it because some of his colitis and Crohn's patients are using it and getting good results."


  • Dr. Debra Kontny Ph. 406-513-1962, 3130 Saddle Drive, Helena MT 59601.

New Hampshire

  • Dr. Douglas Rose, Dartmought-Hitchcock Community Health Center, Buck Road, Hanover NH tel: (603) 643-4000
    According to Nancy Emerson, "I have found a general family practice doctor in Hanover NH who is very openminded. He doesn't know about SCD, and I don't think he's gone out and gotten BTVC to read since meeting me, but he is very accepting and supportive."

New Jersey

  • Dr. Schuman, Affiliates in Gastroenterology, 101 Short Hills Rd. West Orange, NJ 07052, tel: 973-731-4600.
    According to Janet, "I saw him this week and he was glad to have his name added. He is a doctor who believes less drugs is good and supports the diet."

New York

  • Dr. Thomas J. Bolte, MD 141 East 55th Street, Suite 8-H New York, NY 10022 Tel No. (212) 588-9314 Web site:
    According to Latimer, "He is the one who recommended I read BTVC." Dr. Bolte writes, "I work with Dr. Leo Galland (for the past 6 years), and Ms. Gotschall's book is the book which we recommend the most to our patients."
  • Dr. Stuart Dictchik 2044 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn N.Y. 11230 (718) 382-0012.
    According to Elaine, "He is a practicing pediatrician, a diplomat of the American Board of Pediatrics, a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and a clinical assistant professor of pediatrics at New York University School of Medicine. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and five children AND HE IS A HUMAN BEING! His book, Healthy Child, Whole Child may be purchased on" Editor's note: pages 310-311 discuss this doctor's successful use of the SCD with his "highly motivated children and families".
  • Dr. Leo Galland, New York, NY. (212) 772-3077
    According to Dee, "He is a friend of this list serve and a doctor of integrative medicine. On the very first appointment he gave us the BTVC book."
  • Ronald Greenberg, MD Department of Medicine / Gastroenterology / Clinical Practice Long Island Jewish Medical Center 270-05 76th Ave New Hyde Park, NY 11040 tel: (718) 470-7280
    According to Deanna (aka Midas Gold), "
    - He specializes in IBD and is active in the local CCFA chapter (FWIW)
    - He has a very calm, pleasant, easy-going personality
    - He seems to respect my intelligence and welcome my desire to play an active role in learning about and making decisions about my own care
    - He's on the faculty of a large, well-respected teaching hospital and sees patients in a modest office right on the hospital premises
    - He listens
    - He doesn't push medication unless it's absolutely necessary
    - He believes medication is a last resort which only treats the symptoms and not the underlying cause of the disease, and encourages patients who wish to find other methods of improving their health (such as in my case, the SCD
    - Unlike many other doctors, he doesn't belittle the SCD and treat me condescendingly for following it; instead he encourages me to keep it up when he sees how much it helps me)
    - He's not an an ego trip
    - He's gentle
    - He's a gentleman
    - He was highly recommended by another patient who followed the SCD
    - Thanks to the SCD, I don't see him very often!!!" ;-)
  • Dr. Ronald Hoffman New York, NY web:
    Elaine Gottschall has appeared on Dr. Hoffman's radio show several times. According to Hoffman's site, "Dr. Hoffman is the founder of the Hoffman Center located at 40 East 30th Street in New York City. The Hoffman Center focuses on internal medicine with the appropriate amalgamation of high-tech conventional medicine along with effective natural therapies. Dr. Hoffman is a nutritionist and a graduate of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine with training in internal medicine. Based on his many years of working with patients from all over the world he has formulated a line of supplements. He can be heard on WOR {710 on AM} radio in the tri-state area every weekday evening and Saturdays, and on affiliated stations of the WOR Radio Network. Here are links to Hoffman's books:
    -- 7 Weeks to a Settled Stomach
    -- Intelligent Medicine: A Guide to Optimizing Health and Preventing Illness for the Baby-Boomer Generation
  • Steven Itzkowitz, Guggenheim Hall 11th Floor, 5 East 98th Street, New York, 10029-6574 tel: 212-241-4299 According to Doug, "What I like about Dr. Itzkowitz is that he's very thorough and he takes time with you to explain and discuss things. He is not a proponent of SCD, but is willing to admit that he has patients who swear by it. He did not discourage me from trying it, just said that it's hard to maintain over the long term. When, after four months on the SCD, almost all my ulceration had disappeared, I jokingly said to him that I imagined he thought the diet had nothing to do with it, and he jokingly said that it "could have been the medication too".. knowing that I'd been on the medication for three years to no good effect. The point being that he's not negative about alternative treatments. I like him because he's responsive and communicative.."
  • Dr. Kaslow, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, NY.
  • Dr. Michael Kozower, WNY Gastroenterology, 1301 N. Forest Rd., Williamsville, NY 14221 (716) 633-1571.
    According to Cheryl, "My husband feels it si more approriate to call this doctor "SCD-receptive"
  • Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD, New York City 646-935-2220. Dr. Mehl-Madrona subscribes to the SCD listserve and is the Clinical Program Director at Beth Israel Medical Center Continuum Center for Health and Healing. Read his introductory letter to the listserve!
  • Dr. Marjorie Ordene at 2515 Ave. M, Brooklyn, N.Y. (718) 258-7882. According to Liz, she is "holistic and gave me BTVC to read".
  • Robert R. Pavelock, MD Oneida, NY 13421 (315) 363-9183
    According to Steve Diehl, "I visited my GI today, thanked him twice for telling me about BTVC/SCD/Elaine, told him how remarkable my improvement has been, gave him my email for other local patients wanting SCD support, he wrote down the web site, he has been suggesting other patients try the diet. His assistant told me he confiscated her copy of BTVC for his own use.
  • Dr. Daniel Present Gastroenterologist, 12 East 86th Street, New York, N. Y. 10028, Suite 1 According to Elaine Gottschall, "Is widely considered to be one of the best UC doctors in NYC. He is affiliated with Mt. Sinai and has a private practice on the Upper East Side. Does not take insurance and you must pay before you leave the office." He is not a proponent of the SCD, though.
  • Avraham Rosenthal, Brooklyn, NY tel: 718-633-4521. According to Batsheva, "Said he has cured people with Crohn's and U.Colitis. He himself has cured himself of Diabetes but basically his diet is vegan."
  • Dr. Joseph W. Roberts MD., 3700 Richmond Ave, Sewell Ave., Staten Island, NY Ph. 718-948-811. According to Leigh, "He is very accommodating – he will use the therapies his patients are comfortable with and of course he makes suggestions too – but he loves pro-active patients and supports me in my efforts to be well. He doesn't push but he does care a great deal and he wants to help. He welcomes new patients. He is a very pleasant man and his staff is very kind and good at what they do. He does a lot of testing in office and he has a suite for the scopes at a different location – but not in hospital ( I hate scopes in hospital – they make such a big deal out of everything.)"
  • Dr. Daniels in Albany, NY.
    According to Katie, "I gave Dr. Daniels the book a while back and he has since told several of his patients about it who have started it recently and are getting better."
  • Mitchell Kurk M. D. Holistic 310 Broadway, Lawrence, NY 11559 tel: 866-383-8410 According to Luann, "I absolutely love him, I really do. He is a wonderful and very caring man. I would personally recommend him to anyone!"
  • Sidney M.Baker, MD 71 Ferry Rd. Sag Harbor, NY 11963 tel: 631-725-9548 According to Carol, "Dr. Baker is a lot more expensive and charges $3000.00 the first visit and then $500.00 per visit. But he is also a wonderful human being of a doctor."
  • Kenneth Bock, Rhinebeck Health Center,108 Montgomery St., Rhinebeck, NY 12572 tel: 845-876-7082
  • **Saul G. Agus, MD, 1080 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1C, New York, NY 10128, 212-860-0841
    **James George, MD, 1751 York Avenue, New York, NY 10128, 212-369-2490
    ** Philip G. Kazlow, MD (Pediatric Gastroenterologist), 3959 Broadway (@ W. 165th Street), Suite 718N, New York, NY 10032, 212-305-5903
    ** Peter Legnani, MD, 1751 York Avenue, New York, NY 10128, 212-369-2490
    **Simon Lichtiger, MD, 1755 York Avenue (@ 91st Street), New York, NY 10128 , 212-831-4900
    **Jerrold F. Schwartz, MD, 11 North Airmont Road, Suffern, NY 10901, 845-357-1120
    **Sam Weissman, MD, 202 Foster Avenue, Suite C, Brooklyn, NY 11230,718-854-5100

North Carolina

  • Bonnie L. Walker, DC, Dipl Ac., in Boone, NC (828) 265-0001
    According to Heather, "Bonnie is a traditional chinese medicine doctor and chiropractor who recommends BTVC/SCD to patients with Crohns. She is also an excellent acupuncturist!"


  • John Green, M.D., Oregon City OR. Suggested by Lucy.
  • Dr Allison Siebecker and Melanie Keller ND are in Portland are solely focused on small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) - the new name for what Elaine discussed in BTVC.  They have two educational websites devoted to SIBO with heavy emphasis on SCD. Learn more at and at the National College of Natural Medicine Clinic 3025 SW Corbett Ave Portland, OR 97201 tel: 503-552-1551.
  • Dr. Gary Weiner, Naturopathic Physician and Licensed Acupuncturist, in Portland. "Treats IBD with the SCDiet. He recently spoke at a CCFA event and I know several patients of his who are seeing good results.He also offers "Tele-medicine" for long distance consulting."

South Dakota

  • Dr. Scott Weber, D.O., Yankton Medical Clinic,1104 West 8th Street, Yankton, SD 57078, (605) 665-8910.
    According to Rachel, "This is the SCDiet that Dakota is on.. VERY good doctor and VERY family friendly. Still cautious, but has seen the success in Dakota."


  • Dr. Merigian, The Stone Institute, 8200 Old Dexter Rd, Suite 103, Cordova, TN 38018-0531 tel: 901-757-4646
  • Dr. Frederick Starr, 1503 17th Avenue S., Music Row, Nashville, TN tel: 615-292-1664 According to Dawn, "He is the one who strongly suggested that we try the SCD among other interventions. I would highly recommend him."
  • Daniel B. Kalb MD, MPH, FAAFP, 4091 Mallory Lane #118, Franklin, TN 37067 (615) 791-9784 According to Charisse, "I highly recommend Dr. Kalb. He has a daughter with autism and is very compassionate and dedicated to his patients. He told me about the SCD diet and showed me a copy of Elaine's book "Breaking the Vicious Cycle".
  • Dr. Haase 556 Fire Station Road, Clarksville, TN 37043 tel: 931-648-9595 According to Dawn, "Seems to be supportive as well, but I haven't seen him recently. He is a holistic MD."
  • Dr. Reisman Mind and Body Wellness Center 1201 Villa Place, Suite 202 Nashville, TN 37212 tel: 615-320-1175 According to Kristina, " Came highly recommended and according to his nurse, he supports the SCD although not exclusively. Just in case anybody is interested."


  • Dr. Sellin, M.D, Houson, TX
    According to Kim, he is with the UT Medical School.
  • Dr. Kenneth Fine, 10875 Plano Rd. Suite 123 Dallas, TX 75238 tel: 972-686-6869 According to Carol, "I saw him speak here in Little Rock last spring and was very impressed. He speaks well of SCD and does lots of testing. You can google him to get info."
  • Dr. Rea Environmental Health Center-Dallas 8345 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 220, Dallas, TX 75231 tel: 214.368.4132 According to Michele, "When you come to our clinic please remember - no perfume, cologne, aftershave or any scented products are permitted on your body, hair, or clothing in our offices. He is the best at this in the country and people travel from all over the world to see him for these treatments. SCD still helps because it eliminates a lot of foods that people like me become sensitive to first."


  • Dr. and Mrs. Carole and Gary White, M.D., 77 N. Skyline Drive, Roosevelt UT 94066, email:
    According to Elaine Gottschall, "Dr. White and Carole are subscribers on the SCD listserve and he has ordered a half case of books. He mentions that he has tried the SCD on UC patients and many have recovered."
  • Diane Farley-Jones, M.D. 70 East Red Pine Drive Alpine, UT 84004
    According to Elaine Gottschall, Dr. Farley-Jones is using BTVC in her practice.


  • Dr.Patrick Donovan, Seattle, WA (206) 525-8015
    According to Lori Reiman, "We have been happy with his openness [Lori's daughther has UC]."
  Canada and Rest-Of-World


  • Dr. Raymond Yeh, Canadian Health and Acupuncture Clinic, 5213 Tiffany Court Mississauga, Ontario L5M 5G9 Phone: (905) 858-3630
    "A doctor of traditional chinese medicine, he learned about the SCD from one of his patients (Janice), and read BTVC, watched a video I had of Elaine on Dini Petty. He had worked at Princess Margaret Hospital on cancer research for 10 years so is well able to evaluate Elaine's scientific references. He was impressed. I think very highly of Dr. Yeh; he is very cautious, and very conservative in his approach."
  • Dr. Gordon Greenberg Mount Sinai Hospital 600 University Avenue, Rm. 445 Toronto, Ontario M5G 1X5 Phone: (416) 586-4727 "Excellent GI. He does not recommend the SCD to his patients but he is not opposed to it either."
  • Dr. Maria Cino, also at Mt. Sinai. According to one listserve member, "She just finished her residency a couple of years ago, and she is absolutely excellent. I was under her care as a resident when I was at Mt. Sinai a couple of years ago for a 2 week stay, and she was extremely thorough, compassionate, and respectful of my concerns."
  • Dr Alvin Pettle, 3910 Bathurst Street, Suite 200, Toronto ON 416-633-4101. web:
    According to Natalie Pawlenko, "Here's a doc who actually has a copy of Elaine's book prominently displayed on his bookshelf!"
  • Dr. Joey Shulman, Toronto, Ontario, (416) 961-1900 ext. 403.
    According to Art, "I was just listening to CFRB (1010). A Toronto nutritionist doctor, Joey Shulman, just mentioned that Elaine Gottshall's book was a " terrific book". She was discussing IBD/IBS with callers. She sounded like a very friendly doctor for SCD'ers."
  • Dr. Jennifer Armstrong  613 721-9800 3364 Carling Avenue, Nepean, Ontario (near Ottawa, Ontario). 
    According to Jude, "She really saved my life, as I did not expect to work too much longer when she recommended the SCD diet".
  • Dr. Van Hoogenhuize of Bradford, 76 Holland W., Bradford, Ontario Phone: (905) 775-2976
    "A doctor who I consulted at one time. He is an MD, but not a GI, and he is definitely a holistic doc. He specializes in allergy and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients, and he uses the SCD extensively in his practice for IBD and for many other conditions, with good success according to what he told me. He is fairly eccentric, but I don't mind eccentric people if they are good at what they do and honest with me." Contact info: Dr. William Van Hoogenhuize
  • Dr. Kathleen Kerr who is at Yonge and St. Clair in Toronto.
    "She is familiar with the SCD and she was recommended to me by someone who knew of her very successful treatment of a colleague's sister who had crohn's. She uses IV nutrients, dietary manipulation, etc."
  • Dr. Magdy Elkashab 1664 Dufferin Street (at St. Clair) Toronto 416-652-0606
    According to Tanya, "I was finally diagnosed with Crohn's last December, after two years of becoming progressively more ill. I saw my gastroenterologist last week and it was one of the most empowering encounters with a doctor I have ever had. His name is Dr. Magdy Elkashab. Although he doesn't subscribe to any specific diet, when I told him about SCD he expressed that I should listen to what my body is telling me - that as long as SCD covered all the bases nutritionally, if I was feeling better being on it then I should stick with it. He also thought the list was a great idea, particularly since patients with Crohn's and colitis can have such varied experiences. Dr. Elkashab is affiliated with Mt. Sinai."
  • Dr. Bryn Waern, 23 Biggar Ave, Toronto ON M6H 2N5. (Per Elaine Gottschall.)
  • Norah Duggan, MD., CCFP. Notre Dame Bay Memorial Health Center, Twillingate, NF, Canada Telephone #: (709) 884-4284. (Per Sheila Trenholm)
  • Dr. Judith Boyce, MD, and 659 Moberly Road, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4B2, (604) 874-0261. According to Josette, "Dr. Boyce is very naturopathic friendly but not completely familiar with SCD."
  • Dr. Heli McPhie, a naturopath, 2083 Alma Street, Vancouver, BC V6R 4N6
    (604) 222-2433. According to Josette, "Dr. McPhie is the one who suggested the SCD to me."


  • Dr.. Ingo Woitzel, Hohenzollernstraße 81, 75177 Pforzheim. Phone: 07231 -3135-33 Fax. 07231 - 3572 -68. According to Ellen, specializes in general practitioner, environmental medicine, and datural remedies.


  • Rabbi Rosenbaum, in Israel. According to Roz White, "Rabbi Rosenbaum has translated the SCD book to Hebrew, and there are two stores sell DCCC and homemade SCD yoghurt in Israel. From what I know, he doesn't have an email address or web site. He sells a Hebrew translation of the SCD book with the recipes adapted for Kosher cooking. He has a monthly newsletter in Hebrew and he said he has something for beginners to ease them into the diet. Phone #: 02-532-8817 Address: POB 41061 Jerusalem, Israel The store in Bnai Brak (near Tel Aviv) is called Hoss (Heh, vav, samech is the Hebrew spelling of the store's name) and it is on the corner of the streets-Hazon Ish and Rabbi Akiva. The strore in Jerusalem is called the Teva Market and it is in Shabbat Square."
  • Avraham Rosenthal, tel: 02-538-7143. According to Batsheva, "Said he has cured people with Crohn's and U.Colitis. He
    himself has cured himself of Diabetes but basically his diet is vegan."

United Kingdom (UK)

  • Dr. N. Campbell-McBride, MD, Cambridge, England. Telephone in the UK: 01353 723234.

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