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  Community Advertisement - FAQ
This site is not a commercial site. Nevertheless, we are open to advertisements by those that wish to support people with SCD-related goods and services.


The Basics

How do I advertise on

First, you must have something to offer our community. We are only interested in products or services that are SCD-related. If you don't know what the SCD is yet, click here.

What if I am a company? Can I support

Yes, and we will ask you to contribute to the costs associated with hosting and maintaining this site, as well as the costs associated with the SCD Listserve. We rent community advertisement space for periods of six months. Pricing is reviewed one month prior to the time of renewal.

How much does advertising cost?

If you are a 100% free project that supports the SCD community, and your project is tasteful and deemed worthy for the SCD community, we will give you one ad for free! Your ad will be rotated at random across all the pages in this site and will be visible on the view all banners page.

Again, if you are a company or a commercial venture, we may ask you to pay a nominal fee every year (but we probably won't ask). Email us, telling us who you are and why you want to help support this community.

What are the ad specs?

Your ad should be a GIF or JPG file that is 90 pixels wide by 350 pixels high. We will also need the URL the ad will link to. You will need to create your own graphic (but we can probably help you).

We hope this helps in your decision to advertise here with us at If you have any further questions, or want to sign up, please email us.

Sincerely yours,

Mik Aidt, founder and webmaster
Mike Simons, co-webmaster