How do I start the SCD?       

First, get the book and read it. And re-read it, if necessary. ;-)

Second, read through the website.

Third, subscribe yourself to the SCD listserve and ask your unanswered questions!

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Starting the SCD       

Q: I'm going to start the diet. Do you have any tips or suggested menus?

A: There are many, many tips and recipes here at! Additionally, you should refer to pages 50 and 51 of Breaking The Vicious Cycle.

Q: Is there anything I can do to prepare for the SCD while I am waiting for the book to arrive?

A: Sure, make some healthy, delicious chicken soup!
Before you get the book, start making the chicken soup of the introductory diet.

  1. Get your biggest pot
  2. Fill half with chicken thighs and legs (or either one). Skin them if you want as it will save you from having to skim the soup after it has cooked.
  3. Peel about 10 medium sized carrots and throw in pot
  4. Throw in two peeled whole onions and a couple stalks of celery
  5. Fill the rest of the pot with water leaving 3 inches at top so it does not boil over
  6. Cover and simmer for 3 hours.
  7. Pour contents through a colander letting it run into a very large bowl
  8. Throw away celery and onions.
  9. Skim off excess fat
  10. Put carrots and one cup of broth in blender (may be too much for one spin)
  11. Puree carrots in blender (or food processor)
  12. Add to soup.
  13. Add some chicken (as much as you want, removing the bones and skin)
  14. Eat this for two days.

By that time you should have the book!
Eat all you want. You will be getting protein, sugar from carrots, some
fat, a good natural fasting diet to clear out your intestine of previous
stuff and still nourish you.

Q: I'm going to be starting the diet, I need to know if you don't use the dry curd cottage cheese, do you just eat the yogurt? What happens if the yogurt bothers you?

A: I eat mostly SCD yogurt, DCCC only occasionally, but that's mostly because I really love the yogurt! Try starting the yogurt slowly, just a few spoonfuls at a time if you think it will bother you... if it's really a problem, you can always supplement with probiotics (I think Custom Probiotics or the one Lucy sells are what are recommended... I eat my three cups of yogurt daily, so haven't tried a supplement...)

Q: How do you make the homemade gelatin?

A: (if you're in the US) At the grocery store, in the baking section, there should be boxes of Knox gelatin, usually with 4 packets/box. The instructions for "juice squares" or something like that should be printed on the package. Basically, you put 1 cup of cold juice in a bowl, and bring three cups to a boil. Sprinkle 4 packets of gelatin over the cold juice and let sit for 1 minute. Then add the hot juice, stir to dissolve the gelatin and refrigerate. Honey or saccharine can be added to make it sweeter. I always keep gelatin in my cupboard -- it's a very inexpensive, non-labor-intensive treat!

Q: Can you use olive oil when baking?

A: If fat's not a problem for you, I don't see why not. Olive oil is legal. Just *don't* use canola oil. And buy organic foods whenever possible!







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