Are soy beans and their products allowed on the SCD?       

This page summarizes discussion on the listserve about soy beans and soy products.

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Soy beans are not allowed...and here's why       

Q: Are soy beans and their products allowed on the SCD?

A: Soy beans are not SCD-legal. Due to genetic manipulation, the nature of the carbohydrates in soy beans is unknown. Therefore, soy bean products such as tofu and soy milk are not SCD-legal.

However, when something is fermented, the culture in the fermentation process usually breaks down the carbohydrates, thereby making it more likely to be digested and absorbed.

Therefore, fermented soy bean products such as 'miso' and 'tamari' that do not have wheat or other grains added, may be tried in small amounts after symptoms have subsided (at least 3 months symptom-free).

Although soy sauce is a fermented soy product, it has added wheat, therefore is not SCD-legal.

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