How and when can I start reintroducing foods?       

While the SCD is a healthy and balanced diet, many people inevitably desire to eat some of the 'illegal' foods.

This page summarizes Elaine's experience with her daughter regarding reintroducing non-SCD foods to your diet.

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How and when to go about reintroducing foods to your diet       

Q: I'm feeling much better on the SCD. When can I add some foods back to my diet?

A: After staying with SCD for one year after all symptoms disappear, you can then introduce one food at a time in the following way.

For example if you miss potatoes more than anything, then start with one quarter of a boiled or baked potato (without skin) the first time. Skip a day, then if all is well, try one quarter the third day. By the end of the week, if all is well, you can try one whole potato.

Do this for a couple weeks, then drop the potato and repeat the above process with bread or pasta. A little at a time and every other day. When you decide to try rice, use the same procedure: Drop the other illegals when you try it and start with a couple tablespoons of rice and wait a day. If all is well, do the same procedure until you get to one half cup and do not exceed that.

After about 3-4 months of experimentation, you can try a couple of the things that appeared not to bother you and you can try them during the same week. But go slowly. I do not know what the results will be; you will have to experiment.

I can tell you this: When our child was symptom free for 7 years and it was after Doctor Haas had died at age 92, we all stayed on the diet because we loved the food. When she went to university, however, we knew it would be impossible. In spite of that, we bought her a refrigerator for her room and I sent baked goods each week. She was supposed to ride her bike into town weekly for cheese and fruit and eat the protein in the cafeteria. She wrote soon that she had no time to go into town. She told me later (not to worry me) that she had tried a tiny bit of rice and within 24 hours there was blood in the toilet. She waited a week and tried it again and there was blood in the toilet. Obviously she is not an idiot and does not eat rice even now, 25 years later. But she certainly eats a couple of potatoes per week. She also bakes illegal stuff and has a piece once a week. However, after I baked Lucy's coffee cake for her, she now only eats that kind of baked goods.




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