What about those high-calorie drinks?       

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Are those high-calorie drinks SCD legal?       

Q: "My doc put me on a high-calorie drink to help me maintain/gain weight. Is it SCD legal?"?

A: You and your doctor should discuss this carefully. If your doctor feels you need more calories and vitamins, you should consider taking SCD-legal multi-vitamins (those without starch, sugar, or yeast) and increasing your caloric intake in easily digestible foods.

It is highly likely that any high-calorie drink you can purchase is going to be SCD-illegal. One main reason for this is the predominance of manufactured sugar and corn syrup, which are inexpensive sources for calories. These drinks typically contain lots of thickeners (such as agar-agar and carageenan), which are also illegal.

Elaine suggests the following "High Caloric Smoothie for SCDers":

High Caloric Smoothie for SCDers

Make SCD-legal yogurt from heavy cream (instead of regular milk), which will increase the calories in the yogurt. Then: mix a banana, honey and this yogurt in a blender. You will have an SCD-compliant high caloric drink.

With the ingestion and proper digestion of other SCD foods, the diet should be complete as one would get vitamins and minerals from the vegetables, fruit, and protein foods, plus the vitamin supplements suggested in BTVC

Also, eggs are a rich source of all nutrients and if one is not afraid of using a raw egg (the way our Grandmas did when making eggnog for sick people), we could also add an egg. If we add an egg, use regular milk to make the yogurt for this "smoothie" as using the rich yogurt cream and an egg would make it too hard on fat digestion.

More information about high-calorie drinks:

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