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  Dining Out

Whether one is just starting the SCD or has been on it for quite awhile, one will inevitably wish to dine out at the home of family, friends, or at a restaraunt. The following are some tips from seasoned SCD'ers.


Being A Dinner Guest At Someone Else's Home

The food associated with picnics and dinner parties can often be a concern for people with Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, or IBD. Although people react to non-SCD foods in different ways, you can often surround yourself with choices that are gentle on your system. With a little preparation, you can forgo temptation and take advantage of healthy, delicious foods.

Even those without IBD can often experience digestive troubles after "pigging out" or eating too many different foods in a day. To make things easier for one's digestive tract, eat foods that don't bother you and don't overstuff yourself.


Dining Out At Restaraunts


Similar to being a dinner guest at someone else's home, with a little preparation you can enjoy a healthy, delicious "SCD-approved" meal. In addition to the tips found in Breaking The Vicious Cycle, you can call ahead and inquire as to the menu that is offered. Again, small meals are easier to digest than large meals--don't "pig out".


  • order a delicious, crunchy vegetable assortment or a salad;
  • look for a cooked vegetable appetizer (grilled/baked eggplant, zucchini...);
  • order a cheese plate


  • order salad (with grilled chicken or a hard cheese for protein--you may want to get the dressing "on the side");
  • remove the 'offending bun' from an otherwise delicious bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich or hamburger;
  • request "extra veggies instead of the starch";
  • enjoy grilled fish or shellfish


  • enjoy a peppermint or chamomille herbal tea (as a digestive) to ease one's system;
  • request a fresh fruit plate of citrus or berries;
  • ask for honey--they often have it!


  • drink water or seltzer water;
  • enjoy a glass of dry white wine

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