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  Where did you learn about the SCD?       

The following message was posted to the SCD list in early January, 2001.

To the list as a whole: Where did you learn about the SCD? Was it the Usenet/newsgroups, was it a search engine on a keyword, was it a friend following the diet, etc.? Which website(s), newsgroups, books, etc.?

Please let the group know so we can look for patterns and target our "awareness campaign".

Mike Simons, co-webmaster,

PS for my part, I read about the SCD on the Usenet's newsgroup back in late 1995. I didn't start it until 1/1/97. What a bozo.. I could have been better more than 1 year sooner! :-)



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From: "Diehl, Steve" My gastroenteroligist. No, you're not dreaming!
From: Seth By searching the net for Wolfgang Lutz, I found I was researching his work about Crohn's and Diet.
From: "rachel" Six years ago, through a patient in the office where I work. She's heard about it on Dr. Hoffman's radio show, and told me about it on three seperate occasions before I went out and bought the book. Unconvinced and brainwashed to the contrary by medical establishment, that something as simple as a diet could possibly work, it wasn't til I spoke to someone who'd actually been on it and experienced it's miracle firsthand, that I decided to give it a shot. Until the doctors finally make a concession as simple, as basic, as incredibly logical, as "there might be a link between IBD and diet", there will be a lot of us chasing our tails and wasting precious time, our colons and some even our lives, before finding this precious miracle. Sadly, the woman who initially told me about the diet passed away last year, and the woman who's restored health convinced me to try it, went off the diet, is once again ill, and cannot/will not go back on it. Rachel
From: "Michael W" Mike: I heard about "Food and the Gut Reaction" a number of times, starting about five years ago - including from a couple at prenatal classes who were having excellent success with it, but never paid much heed until - when I was desperately ill, my wife saw Elaine on Dini Petty and insisted I try it. The rest is history.

I wish we could produce a half hour infomercial with Elaine - she was a powerful spokesperson when I saw her on Dini. Heck, she convinced even me!

Michael W

From: "Katie" I heard about it from someone on the Canadian Crohn's chat site. I actually responded about another post and he mentioned the book in passing as something I might want to read (he found the diet too restrictive for himself). I waited a few months to start it like a dummy. I had to be really, really sick to give up my carbohydrates! Katie
From: Kirsi: I found it from Crohn's net,,,there was one testimony about SCD, if I remember correctly.

Kirsi (Finland, SCD 11months!) Finnish SCD website:

From: "brianm" Mike: Alt.Support.Crohns-Colitis and I too waited quite a few months before giving it a try. SCD is not easy, it is not a pill, but I sure feel a whole lot better. Gee, is this a 'Cult'? heh heh heh!

Brian CD 1971 3 PBR (74-81-83) SCD 6/00 Med Free 11/00

From: "Robert H" I was exploring the blood type diet web site..........

Robert UC

From: "Elaine" From Elaine In the l960's or early 70's I was in my bedroom crying because Judy was to have her colon removed at eight years of age. My friend, Martha, called my husband to see if she could come over and comfort me. She lived 15 minutes away in Nutley, NJ (original home of Martha Stewart). and on her way over she bumped into HER friend in the supermarket and told her about my desperate state and Judy (the second friend's child was in Judy's class). The friend, Edith Dearling (her husband was the local pharmacist), told Martha to tell me to call her and she would give me the name of the doctor in NYC who saved her twins' lives at birth (born with, at that time, too often fatalceliac disease). Herb said "no more colonoscopes, if the child is going to die, let her die in peace." I begged and the rest is history. Love
From: "Claire" I heard about it from someone on another unrelated list, maybe a year or more ago. She had Celiac's and told me about it when she heard I had Crohn's. But I was not ready to hear it, and I knew nothing about Celiac's, didn't think they were related. I was ignorant. Then, last spring when I got sicker, my boyfriend's sister told me she heard about a Gottschall diet on Dr. Ronald Hoffman's radio show in NY. That name rang a bell, so I then looked on and found the book, testimonials, this list, etc.
From: "Martha" I learned of the SCD from an e-mail friend on an allergy list who's dealing with one of the same intestinal bacteria I am. Actually I remember seeing some information about the diet on the net a couple of years earlier, but can't remember now how I ran across it. I obviously didn't pay much attention to it at the time. I read that it was for Crohn's disease and since I didn't have Crohn's (or an official UC diagnosis) I didn't think it would be helpful for me.
From: "Sarah K" I found out about the scd by searching on the internet for info on ulcerative colitis and diet. I came upon The Healing Crow website, and from there found out about Elaine's book. I immediately checked the book out from the library! Thank goodness for her book and Seth's site. Sarah Kiser, UC since 1997, scd since Oct 2000, INDIANA
From: "Cheryl W" I found through the use of a search engine after my husband had a flare and was about to turn 40 and I was depressed about what the future held for his health! It was the testimonials regarding improved intestinal health as corroborated by colonoscopies on the site that convinced my husband to give the diet a try. It has worked for him even though he is not "fanatical", and his annual colonoscopy after being on the diet for 9 months did show remarkable improvement.

Cheryl, wife of Mark, UC ~18 yrs, SCD 10 months.

From: "Joanne" I read about BTVC on Dr. Hoffman's website after doing a search on IBD and reading all the negative stuff about children with IBD... He briefly mentioned the book and then we ordered it from barnes & noble. We were so happy to read that there might be something we could do to help and possibly prevent some of the meds... Read it and didn't think I could EVER do it! But here it is 4 months later.... Thanks to all .... Joanne - mother of John Paul 4 mo. SCD almost 3 years old...
From: "james & charlene" I learned about the SCD two years ago from a friend who gave me Food and the Gut Reaction. I wasn't sick enough to stick to it and then when I hit rock bottom in October my Naturopath lent me BTVC. I went and bought my own shortly after and then looked up the website and I found all of you. How fortunate. Charlene F UC 2 1/2 years SCD 2 1/2 months mini-flare right now
From: "Mike F" Usenet a long time ago. My BTVC is a first printing. Mike F [Editor's note: that first printing copy sounds like something to consider a treasure!]
From: "Charles" After my GI said I would be on Asacol the rest of my life and/or have colon surgery, I decided to look for alternative approaches. I found the somehow with a search engine for Ulcerated Colitis I believe. Charles UC - SCD 1998 - Symptom free currently
From: "Leslie G" Hello: I heard about SCD by researching on the Internet. My Doc for 1 1/2 yrs stated "There may be a connection between colitis and diet but no studies have been done. You can keep a food journal if you want but you must take all meds until you are in complete remission." She is on maternity leave now and is not aware that I am on SCD. I spoke to her collegue's nurse who told me that there probably IS a relationship between diet and colitis and that if I had changed my diet and I have seen improvement then I should stay on it! Duh! Once I read about SCD I immediately ordered BTVC and here I am.

Also, I got ambitious and made DCCC by the buttermilk/oven method directions that were on this list serve a while ago. Now I have more than I immediately need, can I freeze some? Will it be okay when I thaw it in a few weeks?

Thanks Leslie UC 1 1/2 yrs SCD 4 1/2 wks

From: "Gina B" Found on Yahoo while searching for info on CD...
From: "Paula" I learned about the scd ( for my 9 yr. old daughter )after seeing Dr. Galland in NYC. After purchasing the book in his office and reading it I didn't think that it would neccessarily help her since she was a vegetarian and so I dismissesd trying the diet for a whole two years ! But then one day I picked it up again and reread it and said that WE MUST TRY IT , what do we have to loose ! And Thank G-D - it has helped her - dispite her still remaining a vegetarian . I would love for her to eat some fish but she is adamently aposed to same . She has had little flares here and there - but on a whole the scd has greatly helped her to stay as healthy as possible. She is not on any medication - I have always given her vitamins - various ones here and there and currently I have her taking colostrum twice a day ( for about a month now ) She offers no complaints - has alot of energy - & does well in school . She does however remain slim - something that she was never prior to this condition.

Dispite eating alot , she just doesn't get heavier. I know in my heart that she is still in a compromised absorption state - but we keep trying to heal her gut completely.

For certain , the scd has helped her - & THANK YOU SO MUCH ELAINE for all your sharing - with all that you know. You are truly an angel , & May G-d bless You Always !


From: "Rob L" I discovered it through an Internet search engine. I just couldn't accept my DR's opinion that even though he couldn't tell me why this was happening to me he was sure I would probably have to stay on drugs the rest of my life. While looking for alternative treatment I somehow ended up on the Healing Crow where I discovered Elaine's book and this group.

I feel this group is as indispensable as Elaine's book for helping me to fight this disease. Without the great advice and encouragement from all of you I would never have had the confidence and discipline to stick with the diet long enough to see the results I am currently enjoying. I am still not 100% but I am feeling so much better both physically and mentally and am enjoying life again.

Thank you so much to Elaine and the whole group.

From: "christopher s" I found some anecdotal references to it on the usenet ( I think) as well as on somebody's personal IBD site, but the reviews were very mixed as is usual in such settings (where many people will chime in who didn't really try the diet at all or at least, never truly tried it or understood it), so as a rsult I didn't think much of it. I was heavily into traditional chinese medicine at the time. When I started to flare worse and worse after a year of TCM (after some improvement over the first 8 mos.) I started searching the internet and by chance came across a reference to on the usenet again. It took me about three months of reading up, lurking, ordering and reading BTVC early in 2000 before I decided to jump in.

Christopher UC/IBS 14 years (total medfree remission 1988-97) SCD 10 mos, 4mg prednisone, 75mg Imuran

From: "Lucy R" In 1993 I saw Elaine on a TV show called "What in the World!" out of Victoria, British Columbia. I live in the US, but close enough to the border to get Canadian TV and radio. That night I went out for my last pizza, and the next day started the diet!
From: "Laura P" The reviews on were powerful. I wanted to educate myself about my uc since I move so much and got too many different answers from too many doctors.
From: "christopher s" I am not surprised, but still saddened, to notice the *sickening* fact that not one person yet on this thread has said that their GI put them onto the SCD. Not one. And to think those guys (and gals) are supposed to 'first do not harm.' Very sad. Christopher UC/IBS, SCD 10mos
From: "Steve D" Christopher, I guess you missed my previous message. My GI is the one who first told me about SCD about 13 months ago. He said he had heard people were having success with the diet and told me the name of the book. I ordered it that night from Amazon and started trying to follow the diet as soon as I got the book. He has been supportive and helpful. When I questioned what was in the 16 Pentasa I took every day, he looked it up and found starch listed. He agreed with my decision to stop taking it. He also worked with me to get off prednisone that I had started using for the last year or two. The last time I saw him was in July for my 2 year colonoscopy, which he said looked pretty good overall.

Steve UC 20+ yrs (symptoms had become much more distressful the last 5 years) No operations SCD 13 months Med free 5 months

From: "Denise M" I found SCD while surfing the net looking for an alternative to having colon removed for UC 12 years.
From: "Dawn" Hi, My doctor, Dr. Galland/Bolte prescribed the diet for a parasite infection along with anti-parasitics. I found the website in the book.
From: "Glenn N" Borders Bookstore. I read BTVC standing there in the store! I paid for the book, drove to my fathers house, got the 70's era yogurt maker down from the attic, and started the diet the next day.
From: "Dave D"If anybody out there doesn't believe that God leads people by divine intervention, then pass this one by. After having Matt on a myriad of drugs that weren't doing anything for him, and then hearing the doctor say that we could try one or two more things but if those don't do anything, well, we may have to consider surgery to remove his colon, I was determined to do something to get him off those drugs. I sat down at the computer and this is no lie, the name Gottschall came to my mind. To this day I've been trying to figure out how I knew that name. Did I see it somewhere? Did someone mention it to me? Was it God? Anyway, I typed it into the search engine. I looked at it. Hit "search" and voila! Found the SCD site. The rest is history. God has done some miraculous things in my life, but this is definitely my favorite! Lisa D :-)
From: "Liz" Hi Mike, I learned about SCD on the NG. It was your reply and Deanna's reply to me or someone on the NG that got me to just check out the book from the library to see if it made sense. It did and here I am thanks to you too. Now I get on every so often and reply to folks that request diet info or seem desperate. Thanks for the efforts of you two.

Best, Liz/CD 33 years/no meds at this time.

From: "MARK D" Summer of '99. At the bottom. In an endless cycle of prednisone, brief remission, prednisone, etc.

Surfing the net, I stumbled upon the SCD.

I don't really remember how exactly. But through the internet; that's the bottom line.

From: "Brenda" I also learned about SCD through the Dini Petty show, I saw Elaine talking about this special diet for Crohn's and colitis. But I waited and I don't know why. Then I saw her on a local station in the Canadian city where I live, when I was channel surfing. She said she was going to be at a certain book store that afternoon so I went down and bought a book and she signed it and talked to me for a minute.
From: "Alpaslan" My gastroenterologist guided me to a dietitian, and she to the SCD.

All because I asked about dietary factors. Remembering my father's experience I refused to believe stories about "diet does not matter."

From: "John C" I found out about Elaine and the book Food and the Gut Reaction while a subscriber to Prodigy. There was a support group there and a I exchanged messages with a doctor in Pennsylvania who had treated himself by using the book. It worked for him and he suggested it to his patients as well. I think this was about 7 years ago.
From: "Carol P"A friend of mine saw UC being discussed on the Healing Crow. I contacted them and they told me about the scd list. Carol UC
From: "Roseann" I had just been diagnosed with Crohn's when I first came across a copy of BVTC in a health/new age store in Harvard Square. I bought the book, but when I read it I didn't think I could do the diet because I was on pretty much a liquid diet and I was afraid to eat. A year later, after a resection, I decided I wasn't going to let the Crohn's come back and started the SCD. I had been feeling some of the old symptoms return, mildly. It took a few tries before I could stick to the diet but the longer I've "fanatically adhered to the diet" the easier it's become. Plus, I'm actually learning to cook!

Roseann CD 2.5 years(officially diagnosed) unofficial-- 7/8/9 ?? years

From: "Charles E" I learned about SCD from a newsletter produced by Dr. Whitaker and Jane Heimlech of 1993. My friend had it in her garage and found it and gave it to me one year ago this month. I wish that I would have found it in 1993. I went to Borders Book store and they had BTVC. Sheryl Evans Crohn's 25 years-Prednisone, 6mp and Flagyl

I do agree that stress and emotions play a big part! Every flare has come as a result of an emotional upset. A friend of mine is a therapist and the best thing that has worked for me is to talk, communicate and get my feelings out of my belly. Journalling is a good way to do that along with a good friend that is a good listener.

From: "Joanna" I found The SCD in Borders bookstore. I was looking through a book called "Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook" by Jeanne Martin and the SCD was mentioned in it under Crohns disease as a good diet to follow. This was a year after I had been diagnosed. I had already lost weight and was feeling tired, ill and withdrawn. I was lucky because the SCD diet kicked in right away. It has been such a blessing and made me into a very happy person Thanks Elaine.

Sept 1997 CD diagnosed Sept 1998 began SCD Stopped SCD 6 months later (accupunturist had advised me that I had become far too neurotic about food) Aug 1999 started SCD and still going strong

From: "Natalie P" Mike - I learned about the SCD through an article printed in a Toronto area magazine called "Vitality" which focuses on alternative health practices, herbs, spirituality etc.
From: "Ben and Keri" I learned about scd through my chiropractor. Keri IBS/scd-5 mos.
From: "Kevin Q" We received a copy of BTVC from a co-worker of mine. I never knew she had Crohn's. She was horrified by the degree of testing our son (then 1 year old) was undergoing to diagnose the blood that was becoming more frequent. We had been told after his first colonoscopy that it was NOT Crohn's or UC so we didn't read the book. After Declan started deteriorating in health, growth, energy..., we pulled out the book again to get ideas for foods that would be absorbed more easily. At that time, he underwent a second colonoscopy at New England Medical Center and they couldn't proceed due to the fragile state of his body. They wanted to admit him for I've steroids. He was 2 years and 20 days old. This was a nightmare because other doctors and tests had ruled out ID. We started the diet that day. With the exception of his recent flare, Declan has been healthier in the last 3 months than since the first symptoms started at 21 days old. Our new pediatric I has bought the book and has his staff reading it. He is supporting us and seems pleased by all the lab work done after 2 months symptom and drug-free. He said if this works, he wants me to give the "alternative treatments" lecture to his 3rd year medical students. We already had success with "good food treatments" with our 5 year old daughter. She had 5 months of colic, chronic ear infections, eczema, and was anaphylactic to peanuts. We started a modified diet at 1 year old, and at age four she could eat everything (even peanuts). She never had another ear infection and was spared the preventive antibiotics and ear tubes her doctors had expected. Interestingly, her food sensitivities were very similar to Declan's (dairy, soy, wheat, yeast, chocolate, and potatoes). That's our story. I'm confident it will have a happy ending. THANKS for all the support during Declan's recent crisis. He is back in his Superman p.j., "flying" through the house. I think the culprits were the augmentin and strawberry seeds. The advice/information/encouragement from all the SCDers is invaluable! Deborah (mother of Declan Max, 2 1/2 years IBD, 3 1/2 months SCD)
From: "Cat" I can't remember exactly.. I think that's part of my memory problem :) I've only been on SCD for a short time. Right before Christmas I was doing searches with my symptoms as key words and on some website I found a reference to the book. I'm not sure which website it was but somehow I found the SCD website. I was very excited and I got in my car and drove to 2 bookstores but they did not have the book. I ended up ordering it from Of course, right after I got it I saw it in the grocery store that I go to about 3 times a week. :)

Cat -Not diagnosed. Symptoms for about a year. Doctor just finished the tests to figure out what I don't have. -Progressive medicine doctor's appointment tomorrow. I am going to ask to have The Great Smokies lab test. -SCD 2 weeks - I almost have my sanity back ... Thanks Elaine!!!!!!!!

From: "Gay B." Dear List, I found BTVC from the library. Loving Care, Gay B.
From: "Martha J" Our family naturopathic doctor told us about Food and the Gut reaction in the early 1990's; my husband was discouraged after trying several other alternative type treatments and just didn't want to give up his "favorite foods." Our doctor told him that if he wouldn't do the diet, at least eliminate (regular) dairy, wheat and reduce sugar. He tried, and felt better. When one of our sons was diagnosed with crohn's in Dec. 1999, I started the whole family on the SCD immediately. While I couldn't control a 40 year old with a sweet tooth, I could manage a nearly nine year old, since I prepared all his food anyway. Our soon to be 10 year old has been symptom free for nearly a year. His advice to all you newbies is as follows: "after awhile, you won't miss any of that junk at all." My next goal is to get him more involved in food preparation so that he can take care of himself for the rest of his life. My husband is impressed and trying hard, even when faced with business travel and "bad influences" at the office. A year ago, I had to remind myself to breathe, I was so upset. Now I know that two crohnsies in one family means that we weren't meant to eat what we were eating before; thanks to Elaine for saving our lives and chasing away the incredible heartache from our family.

Very interesting news to share: I had blood tests done on my son and myself recently to see how this diet has affected my son with crohns and me, without IBD, one year later: absolutely sterling results!!! Perfect in every way. I'm 41 and had a bit of a thyroid problem since I was 37 and it is SO Gone. My cholesterol, which was too low, is just as the doc wants it. I can hardly wait to show the gastro doc my son's results....then again, yes, I can wait. Keep on cooking, folks! Love, Mart

From: "Susan S" Hi Mike, I learned about SCD on the St. Johns Celiac Listserve. Every now and then, someone would mention BTVC and other group members would jump all over them for it. The consensus on that list at that time was that Elaine's book was a bunch of hogwash. Those few positive messages snuck in made me curious, so I got the book out of the library. My initial reaction was that SCD would be too difficult to follow. But after several months of increasingly getting sick from the celiac diet, I bought the book and started SCD in earnest. It was the best thing I ever did.

I think the reason the St. Johns list was so hostile to BTVC is that so many of the regulars are involved in selling alternative grain flour products to others on the list. They sure made money off of me when I was active on it.

Best regards, Susan S SCD 8 months To subscribe to the Celiac List, send an Internet email message containing:

"SUBSCRIBE CELIAC yourfirstname yourlastname"
in the body of the message (without the quotes) to

From: "Ruth" I heard about the diet from a friend who had also used. In all my research about IBS on the internet i never found any reference to it so i never knew to look until someone told me about it. *~ruth~*
From: "Alpaslan" Dear Elaine,

It was in San Francisco. Her office looked like a doctor's office, quite professional. It is in the lobby of a medical building, close to a major hospital where many doctors have their practice. I would not be surprised if she is an ADA dietitian. I could check and let you know at the first opportunity.

She offered regular weekly visits until I learned the diet. Not having followed any diets and trusting my own self discipline, I figured I could follow any diet without help from her, and asked her about literature.

She said, "Basically there are two books. Normally I could sell you both of them, but currently I am out of the one." I suspected that that was the better book. It was the BTVC. I found it at a bookstore in Berkeley. Then I searched the www and found Mik's site and Rachel's wonderful list. The rest is history.

Of course in retrospect I know that I would have needed help from the dietitian if I hadn't found the Long Island List. It has been a total learning experience as many on this list already know.

About three months ago following your advice (and encouragement from our dear Rachel) I asked my GI and switched to Azulfadine. Yes, it is more effective than Pentasa, and so far no side effects. With all the help available on this list, a little luck and a lot of persistence I am hopeful one day I will be symptom free. In the meantime there is steady improvement and nothing beats living with hope.

With a lot of love and eternal feelings of gratitude and devotion.

From: "Matt" Hi Mike, through the net. I read about it on a chat site; then searched & found the SCD library site. The amazon testimonials helped me decide to try it.

The rest is (very healthy) history.

matt, Aus, SCD, 10 months (no symptoms now) Crohns, 8 years

From: "Benny R" Hi All, I used Compuserve - long time ago - looking for help and information. By then I had no clue about the diet, I knew only about Prednisone.

We were desesperated, finally an excellent guy Larry Richard - Where the heck are you Larry? We never forget you!!!!! - recommended me the diet and its author: Elaine.

Thanks Larry, thanks Elaine and thanks to Herb.

Benito (Beny)

From: "Johanna E" I entered something like "colitis and diet" in a search engine (askjeeves I think), and came up with either or .org--can't remember which.
From: "Keith" I found out about this a few weeks or so ago. I get the newsgroup and several had posted there about the SCD diet and I finally went to the website and read more about this and the more I read the more I wanted to know. So as of last saturday I ordered the book and I eagerly await to get the book and start to diet to getting my health and life back after 14 years of several doctors and no hope from them and many of them wanting to do surgery and remove my colon because of UC. Well I never let them cause I was too fond of my colon and I'm glad I did cause from reading from all of these testimonials I know that I will get well and that I will get healthy and I plan on getting in shape and hopefully I will get to accomplish a dream of mine and that is to play hockey. I may be 34 but I have a passion to do this. I know it won't be easy to do this diet at first because I will have to give up alot of stuff that I like to eat and drink (especially Dr Pepper - I love it) but my health is more important. Thanks to you Elaine, even tho I haven't started the diet I know that it is because of this book that you have helped many people and you are more valueable to us than any prize that could be awarded to you.

Keith 14 years UC Still takin these stinkin' meds most of these years but not for much longer SCD - as soon as I get the book !!!!!

From: "Julia" I read about it on the IBDsucks site in the Diet Nutrition Thread. Another member posted the SCDiet site address as well as answered questions being asked about diets that work. I researched the rest on my own. I was desperate to find diet or natural healing information because I did not buy into the "diet-has-no-effect-bla-de-bla-de-bla..."

Sincerely, Julia UC 3 yrs, SCD 5 weeks, No Meds

From: "Jean" I was looking at for books on Crohns and came across BTVC and read all the reviews. Started the diet the day I received the book. Jean Crohns 32 years SCD 7 months
From: "Ed/Roz W" Hi everyone, I learned about the SCD by an act of G-d like some other people on this list. I was visiting my mother when she had had a heart attack even though she said she was fine and she was already home and she said not to come. My friend gets a monthly nutritional newletter by Dr Wright and Dr Gaby and the one she got the day I arrived was on Crohn's disease so she brought it over to show me. The main article in it was about the SCD and a story of a patient of theirs who had been doing so well on the diet and then he stopped the diet and got sick again. It gave a little summary of which foods were allowed and which were not. I just knew that it would help me as at the time I was on the Yeast Connection diet and some things that they said to eliminate (like soy products) bothered me but I was having difficulty telling which things bothered me. I bought the book the next day and started the diet at once and never looked back. It took me a long time to find the web page and email list as my copy of BTVC didn't have it listed in it. I also didn't know that there was a web page or an email list for the diet. I found that the list helped me immensely as I thought I was doing the diet 100% but I found that I was making some mistakes with vitamins and things like that and I also found that I had to fine tune the diet and the wonderful people on this list really helped me get it together. In Feb. I will be on the diet 3 years, I can't believe it. Elaine, since you have been on the list I have learned so much and I appreciate how hard you have struggled to get your message across. I hope your reward is knowing how many people you have helped. Thank you, Roz

From: "Cat" The first time I was able to drive after getting out of the hospital, there was no good music on the radio, so I turned on WOR (AM talk radio), and miraculously heard Elaine on Dr. Hoffman's show!

Take care, Deborah and Max

From: "Bart & Jane" It's been so long, but I think it was on the old IBD Sucks list. Is the owner's name Bill Richardson? Someone, whose name I also forget, wrote to me off-list five years ago to recommend the diet, and I will be ever grateful to him and to Elaine.

Dr Holland is back into what we call a "flare" in the latest IBD Digest, talking against the diet and still ranting on about the need for double blind trials. I have decided not to answer him this time. What I do is to write off-list to those persons on the IBD Digest who ask whether anyone has benefited from a change in diet. Less stressful! Bart

From: "Elaine" To Roz White Yes, it is more than rewarding to hear from all of you. But the night before last was mysterious. As I sat her at midnight reading the succinct excerpts that Mike had put on the SCD site news, I think I had some kind of religious experience. It is when I hear that I get my high so thanks to everyone for speaking up. We are on an excxiting trip - all of us. I do not think that Huxley when he wrote "Brave New World" forsaw the help we are getting with this marvelous internet. Love
From: "Deb" A friend of mine who knew I have Crohn's saw an article in a free magazine in a health food store in New York City and sent it to me. It talked about Elaine's book and I sent for it from Amazon that day. Have been on the diet since 7/30/00 (with some cheating during a trip to Paris and London in December). The good thing motivationally for me was that my intestines immediately told me that I was cheating.

Deb Crohn's since 1976 SCD 7/30/00

From: "Sumi" I was searching the Internet at midnight with keywords and found an article by Dr. R. Hoffman on CD & UC. This article has a Reference of BTVC. That was the night I can never forget when our son told us on the phone after his first visit to his GI that he has either Crohn's Disease or Colitis and that more tests were scheduled. I spent that night on the Internet learning and reading the horrible things which could happened with these diseases and the side effects of medications. I was reading, crying and praying and cleaning my eyes to be able to read. Next day I was in the library reading the first chaper of BTVC; everything was making so much sense. I started to feel that my prayers had been answered. Thanks God; Thanks Dear Elaine; Thank you all on the list for providing all information and support.

Sumi Mother of 22 years old son, diagnosed CD ~ 3 months SCD ~ 2 months; reduced Pentasa from 3g/d to 2g/d, doing very fine.

From: "Midas Gold" The best thing about this thread is that it's bringing all the newbies and lurkers out of the woodwork! :-)

(...who stumbled across BTVC on the 'Net in August of '97, bookmarked it, then forgot about it... until almost a year later when her kids' pediatrician handed her a copy of the book...)

From: "Bovington" I learned about SCD through a ND in Anchorage. Love, Teri

Sammy CD ( since Feb) age 10 SCD 8 months---and what a difference!!!!!!!

From: "Darlene W" Hello everyone. I found out about SCD while visiting the “IBD Sucks” website. They had a folder with messages concerning the diet. I got the name of the book and looked it up on and went on the diet as soon as it arrived. Unfortunately, I went off over the Christmas holidays and wrote to the list about whether I needed to be on the diet at all. I very foolhardily thought that since I was off for three weeks with no ill side effects I would campaign for Elaine’s blessing to remain off. I am starting to notice some small problems and will return to the diet as soon as I can get to the grocery store. The main problem I have noticed is that my mental acuity is slipping. I cannot remember things from one moment to the next. I will leave my office to get a file and have to come back and look the name up again. I am on 16 Pentasa a day and I seem to remember someone on this list saying that Pentasa causes some memory problem and “brain fog”. Do you think it could be going off the diet that is causing this? I have been on this dosage since a flair last June without major memory problems. I am definitely going back on so that I can reduce the Pentasa if not come off it all together.

I also want to join everyone else in thanking Elaine for her stamina and fortitude in trying to help people with all the roadblocks thrown in her way. I know when I mentioned the diet to my GI he sort of blew me off saying “I like the yogurt idea and the rest couldn’t hurt”. Of course, this is the same man who told me it was okay to try the Atkins diet as long as I ate a bowl of All Bran everyday! I didn’t have the book with me but I return to see him in March and I will take it with me then. Anyway, any ideas as to why I am “fuzzy” and what to do about it would be greatly appreciated. My coworkers are having a field day with my memory. Thanks.

Darlene CD Pentasa 4000mg daily Was on SCD for 3 months – went off over Christmas (like a goober) Going back on tomorrow.

From: "Rosa O" Hi, i'm new to this list; i learned about scd on the st. john celiac list (even though the list owners really don't encourage positive messages about it).
From: "Colleen M" Dear Mike, Wish I had a great and dramatic story like Lisa's, but I don't. I just got onto Yahoo! and typed in "Crohn's" one day, just like I'd done countless times before, just to see what was new, and somehow ran across your web site. I don't know why I had never come across it before. I ordered the book that day and have never looked back. In retrospect, I'm sure I had seen the cover of BTVC, but of course there are zillions of books out there about intestinal problems and I'm sure I passed it off as just one more useless theory without ever really looking at it. I was convinced I had tried everything. I have a book called "Eating Right for a Bad Gut," which you would think would pretty much nail it right on the head, but of course it was no help at all and didn't say anything new. I thought I had the healthiest diet in the world so it never, ever occurred to me that my so-called healthy grain-and-soy diet was *exactly* the problem. Elaine's book read like the story of my life and I knew immediately that I had found the answer. I will always be grateful.


From: "Karin" My neighbour (retired nurse) offered to drive me to the doctor when I was so sick in the fall. She mentioned that she had a book that she sent for from Elaine's press. My neighbour has sent copies of the book to various friends all over the world. Her friend in England is on the SCDiet.

For anyone who likes mayonnaise, I changed the recipe somewhat from the book. I added capers as the final ingredient and found it gave the mayo a nicer taste. I use it as a dip for shrimp, over eggs, or with a little yogurt as a salad dressing. (Capers are buds from a particular shrub. The jar's label lists waater, salt, vinegar, and capers. This should be legal, or???) Question: I made yogurt in a yogurt maker and left it for 24 hours. How long will it last in the fridge? Newbie, Karin

From: "Michelle, wife of Ken" Ken was diagnosed with Crohn's and everyone seemed to have the remedy. We tried them as they were suggested, since we were desperate and not opposed to natural healing remedies.

One man we work with said that he had a distant family member who had been helped tremendously with a special diet "where you eat cabbage and stuff." (You can imagine my reaction...) I wasn't overly convinced until he told me that SHE had found out about it through the Dini Petty show. I asked, and he gave me the phone number of the person's mother. I called her long distance, and indeed, she had seen Elaine on the talk show, and called Elaine and was persuaded to try the diet. Today her son is alive and well. And so is my husband! =)

I am thankful to G-d for His leading in this, as Ken's Crohn's had gotten so bad that he went from 205 lbs to less than 170 lbs. This is REALLY underweight when you consider that he is 6' 5". I remain thankful to the L-rd and so grateful to Elaine.

Michelle, wife of Ken, CD Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (Winnipeg at the time of the above.)

From: "Elaine" Deanna said The best thing about this thread is that it's bringing all the newbies and lurkers out of the woodwork! :-)
From: "Elaine" To Colleen from Elaine I am so glad I have lived long enough to see that you are all (most everyone) is eventually digging until you get the right information. You MUST THANK MIK AIDT AND MIKE SIMONS. It was this summer that they were doing something that only computer geniuses do to get the book mentioned more often on certain search engines. Whatever they did must have been the reason you finally found it on yahoo. And I kept asking for the bill so I could pay the expense of it and, evidently, Mik's INFORM company covered it. Boy, do we have brains on this list. Don't forget that Mike is getting T shirts printed with BREAKING THE VICIOUS CYCLE!!!!!!
From: "Mick W"I learned about SCD from Mick
From: Midas Gold > I sat down at the computer and this is no lie, the name Gottschall > came to my mind. To this day I've been trying to figure out how I > knew that name. Did I see it somewhere? Did someone mention it to > me? Was it God? Anyway, I typed it into the search engine. I > looked at it. Hit "search" and voila! Found the SCD site. The > rest is history. God has done some miraculous things in my life, > but this is definitely my favorite!

...Well, considering that the name Gottschall is derived from the German for "Servant of G-d" or "G-d's echo"...


I don't remember seeing the original post on this so I don't know exactly what was discussed. However, this is how I am dealing with my GI. After a colonoscopy 2 months ago, my GI scolded me for not being on maintenance meds, employing the usual scare tactics about the risk of cancer, etc (which worked to some degree). He wrote a prescription and I indicated I would go ahead and take them. I was still in a daze from the anesthesia from the procedure and still was not aware of SCD and the alternative that existed for me.

I found SCD a couple of days after the colonoscopy and began it as soon as I could locate BTVC. My GI had recommended a follow up sigmoidoscopy in 2 months and wanted me to get weekly blood tests to monitor the effect of the Asacol he prescribed (another reason I am loathe to take meds).

I wanted to try SCD before going on meds again. Not only am I not crazy about taking meds but I wanted to know for sure whether it was the diet that was working or the meds.

I decided to write to my GI so that he would understand (hopefully) exactly where I was coming from, and so that he could not derail the discussion about diet. In the letter, I reminded him of the last visit and his recommendations re: meds. I told him about the SCD and enclosed a three page synopsis of the science behind the diet I found on I gave him the website address and told him I would be more than happy to send him a copy of BTVC.

I said, "I know it is your opinion that diet has nothing to do with this ulcerative colitis. While I have the utmost respect for your professionsal opinion, I hope you will understand that this is something I must find out for myself before resigning myself to a lifetime of medication." I told him that I hoped he would continue to follow me for routine colonoscopies/sigmoidoscopies despite my decision not to take medication at that time.

I think that in writing, I was able to fully explain my point of view without having him belittle the role of diet before I was able to fully explain the rationale. At the same time, I hope I was able to assure him that I still valued his opinion (except as it relates to diet and UC, of course!) so that our doctor/patient relationship is maintained.

He has not responded, and I did not expect him to. I do not expect him to approve of my decision to treat myself through diet and nutrition instead of medication, but I do not need his approval. I get my support here, from all of you and the glowing testimonials that appear on this list daily. What I do need from him is his ability to perform diagnostic exams to monitor my condition from time to time.

Sorry for being so long winded and I hope this is responsive to the original post.

Best, Deborah C.

From: "Judy G" I wandered into a health store on Yonge near College in Toronto not long after my diagnosis for CD (1996). I flipped through BTVC and decided that omitting breads etc would be too difficult. A few weeks later, I thought about it again and decided to buy the book. My husband was so supportive in my efforts and that helped me tremendously as I began my experiment with the diet. I had no symptoms at the time (except for pred symptoms), and have had no episodes since either, and have been off drugs for over 4 years.

I was delighted to find the SCD on the internet several years ago and keep tuned in for continuing motivation. I am doing really really well and never want to forget why.

Thanks Elaine.

From: "jeffrey B"

I first heard of the diet when I was in San Diego in '98. The diet, book and author were mentioned by the host of a weekly radio health-talk show called "The Nature of Health", hosted by Don Bodenbach.

I had become quite unwell by the end of '97 and was in a crisis, desperately searching for solutions. I had had another major health crisis in my life in 1975 at age 24 and I had never really felt well for most of my life but I still had no diagnosis. NO doctor had ever been able to help me, only hurt me, so I was instinctively staying away from doctors.

So when I glanced at BTVC at a local heathfood supermarket, I ignorantly dismissed it as too extreme for me to follow (At this point I still had no idea that an intestinal disease was the root cause of all my symptoms)

About a year later I diagnosed myself as Celiac and went on a gluten free diet. I was living in Sacramento then and also heard Dr Hoffman mention the diet and the website on his radio show. I soon started adjusting my diet to be more in line with the sc diet.I finally went on the diet,following the book, in July of 2000 and everyday I am grateful for Elaine's work and continuing participation and for this great list and I try to spread the word when I get the chance.

"Jeff B" Portland OR self diagnosed celiac 18 months scd 6 months scd approved homemade yogurt 2 weeks(I'm cookin'now)

From: "Luisa H" A Crohn's list onliine. It's called Healingwell, I believe.