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  Just what is the SCD Anyway?       

The following post from the UK summarizes that the SCD works, for a reason. Doubting it, tinkering with it, and such will only lessen your potential for intestinal health.



Bart "The Harpslinger" Perspecive on the SCD       

From : Richard D Barton
Subject : Just What Is SCD Anyway?
Date : Sat, 1 Dec 2001

Hi All,

I hope that my 'Subject' has captured your curiosities.

I am not slamming on anybody so don't cop an attitude. This is just an
observation. Perhaps I am wrong, if so I will go to the corner and shut up.

To all who are following the SCD diet 100% - Wonderful!

To those of you who are trying to tinker with the diet, put other theories
together and try link all that together so you can try to feel normal. I submit
This diet is called Specific Carbohydrate Diet for a reason. We limit our
carbohydrates very specifically. Why? Because our illnesses make us, Not-Normal.

You are more complex than any high performance machine. The design of the human
body is so wonderful and complex it is improbable for someone to stir up a mix
of dietetic theories based on their desire to be 'normal'.

Look, we all know the 'normal' diet of the last century is killing those who eat
it. We are not suprised because it is common knowledge. How much poison should
we allow ourselves to consume? How is it that you are here reading this list?
Are not you, or a loved one, sick? If so please read on.

Elaine has expended a great deal of effort. This effort came in the form of many
late nights sitting up with sick children, and becoming nearly blinded in
studies for what? Because she wants you to keep hurting yourself? I THINK NOT!
This is a life work, not just Elaine's life work, but your life work also!

We have the benefit, no the privilege, of having her to continue to help us. The
very least a grateful person could do is listen and benefit from the wisdom they
have the privilege to receive.

So what do we do? I say let's stop trying to modify that which works. The only
way to get better is to get onboard.

I know that you may have you a question like, Does the diet work? or What if it
does not work for me?

I have a question for you. What if you complied 100% with the diet for a year,
and then asked your questions again? You may be simply surprised.

Bart - The Harpslinger, UC, Johnston Atoll

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