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  Mike Simons' testimonial to the SCD

Mike is the co-webmaster of the SCD Web Library. Mike started the SCD on January 1st, 1997; here is his message for the masses.

According to Mike, "Elaine Gottschall's book is to IBD what Rachel Carson's Silent Spring is to the environmental awareness movement."


Mike's Summary

Welcome, Benvinguts, Bienvenidos, Shalom!
April, 2000: I've been on the SCD since 1/1/1997. I consider my Crohn's Disease to be in a "controlled remission". Yes, I've broken a few rules along the way--sometimes I even got away with it for a few days before some CD symptoms appear. At any rate, I have taken only 3 sick days from work in the last 3 years. I'm "regular" (something the drugs never achieved), and my weight is stable.

The regimen I follow offers me the ability to pursue the same things I pursued under the previous 15 prescriptive-drug-laden years of my life. The difference is that the SCD is healthier, has no weird long term effects (like baldness from 6-MP and osteopenia from Prednisone), and is actually a lot of fun! The SCD is a life saver!

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When to start?
I believe that everyone will find a "right time" to start the SCD. For me, I launched into the diet from a point of drug-induced stability. Not everyone will have that luxury. Eventually one learns to say goodbye to the unhealthy food that so many others eat.

What do I eat?
Corn chips with artificial flavorings, the sugary snacks of my heritage, syrupy drinks: Goodbye! I eat all kinds of free-range animal protein (beef, poultry, fish, shellfish, pork), almost every kind of vegetable you can think of (except, of course, the ones on the "no" list), many kinds of fruits, nuts.... My wife and I make Chinese, Indian, Thai, Southwestern, Spanish, Mexican, and American foods. I modify traditional recipes as I see fit.

If you are looking for recipe and menu ideas you can check out Flog (also known as Nirvana of Peristalsis), my daily food log of SCD munchings. I also find a complete regimen of exercise, stress management (especially yoga), and a positive attitude to be factors which are critical to my continued success.

What's with the doctors?!
Don't get me started--you'll read plenty about the doctors in Mik's testimonial. My own doctor has started to support the SCD after seeing my results. Suffice it to say that the CCFA and most specialists need a major wake-up call.

The Internet
Since 1994 I've been so aware of this wonderful medium for learning. It was in 1996 that I found Mik's first site; it was 1997 when I started to include information about the SCD on my own site. And now Mik and I have just launched this whole site with a new design (you're looking at it!). It is so nice to be able to give something back!

Mike Simons
Tucson, April 2000
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Update, 2004
I'm still in remission. Cured? Controlled remission? Doctors, insurance companies, and patients do not agree on the definition or criteria of a cure. I'm still following the diet, managing stress through exercise and yoga. I keep a positive attidude and get lots of loving support from family.

I love to cook, and this diet is a lot of fun! My wife and I have finished a book that is the result of 8 years of kitchen creativity, converting favorite recipes to SCD guidelines. Our book contains grain-free and gluten-free recipes for many of the SCD meals documented in (Flog), and much more.

"..My doc says "we got all the way to the cecum. no evidence at all of Crohn's. no scars. no inflammation. nothing. you look completely normal."

What are the critical success factors in a sustainable, controlled remission?



"..if you are becoming stabilized with prescriptive drugs, then you should find a doctor that will work with you to get off the drugs and is not opposed to the dietary treatment (cure?!) of Crohns."