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The Limits on the amount of yoghurt

Elaine writes: 23/05/05

There is a sugar in yogurt (galactose) which is a monosaccharide and is legal.  However, if a person/child is not healthy, the liver may not be able to change it to the useable sugar, glucose.  There have been many research papers printed about galactose accumulation if this is the case.  We do not want the accumulation of any sugar - we want the cells of the liver and the rest of the body to actively use the sugars and get the cellular energy the cells need.  We do not want these metabolic pathways to be overwhelmed and have any sugar accumulate in the bloodstream.  That is what happens in diabetes because of the accumulation in the bloodstream of glucose.
I think with children with gut problems and autism, 2 cups of undripped would be sufficient.  I really do not know how much galactose still remains in dripped yogurt. Galactose will adhere to the casein of the dripped but I have no idea how much so I think 2 cups of undripped per day for children is enough.  Even for adults, one should not top, at the very most  2-3 cups.   With proper digestion and absorption (which we all aim for) we are feeding OUR CELLS the properly broken down lactose (glucose and galactose). 
Furthermore, when someone is doing well and is recovering, it is a good indication that the liver has recovered (we know this because certain patients in the past were told they needed a liver transplant but when SCD™kicked in and they recovered, they no longer needed the transplant).  
Generally speaking, occasionally, having twice the amount sounds harmless to me.  It is only at the beginning of the diet when people are really messed up that I would worry about them exceeding two cups (dripped or undripped - don't know how much galactose adheres to the casein of the dripped) for children and, possibly, 3 cups for adults.

To recap on what Elaine has said

The following refers to daily amounts dripped or undripped

For the average healthy adult 3 cups taken regularly should be the absolute maximum. More than this could be taken for short periods.

For adults beginning the diet who are unwell with poor digestion and absorption 2 cups should be the maximum

For the average healthy child 2 cups should be the maximum.

Of course body mass and state of health should be taken into consideration and the amounts scaled back accordingly.



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