The Specific Carbohydrate Diet

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Tips for New SCDers

Pat writes:

1. Get organized with meal plans and "specific" shopping list - pun intended.

2. Invest in a few kitchen gadgets and appliances that you'll use often - garlic press, hand cheese slicer, cutting board, yogurt maker, food processor, etc.

3. Review the various websites with recipes on a weekly basis for ideas.

4. Buy at least 10 lbs of almond flour at a time; freeze for up to 2 years.

5. Make double batch of italian sauce and freeze in 1 and 2 cup dishes/bags for recipe use.

6. Also double batches of muffins and cookies and freeze.

7. Make large batch of ketchup and freeze a few ounces in each container.

8. Bake/slowcook a large beef roast and slice and freeze with it's juice in serving portions. This is a life saver for me on really busy evenings. Basic soups (not creamed) freeze very well.

9. Get used to going to grocery store twice in one week, second stop is for fresh yogurt ingredients and a couple more fresh veggies.

10. Spend a little more money on small conveniences like zip-lock bags. Not buying illegal foods will make up the difference in cost.

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"We must never forget that what the patient takes beyond his ability to digest does harm."
    Dr. Samuel Gee

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