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Processed Foods

Colleen writes:
"Healthy products" (i.e., organic, whole grain, non-GMO, etc.) means virtually nothing when it comes to SCD. These products are no less likely to contain illegal starches or sugars than any others. Not that you shouldn't seek out organic produce or meats, but don't confuse those issues with SCD. So-called natural food manufacturers use all kinds of garbage like high fructose corn syrup and indigestible gums, just for starters. There is a whole slew of organic companies which are ultra-pasteurizing their heavy whipping creams, and then gluing them back together with carageenan, an SCD-illegal seaweed derivative which is used to *induce* ulcerative colitis in lab animals. Don't forget that health food is big business, and doesn't necessarily care all that much about you personally.

As you've already been told, canola oil is not recommended, and any allowed processed food is listed in BTVC. That's it. Please don't waste your energy trying to find loopholes, because it's all been gone through before. Believe me, there are a lot of us here on the list who are old hands in everything from veganism to macrobiotics to raising our own goats or chickens or bees, to outright political activism in the food industry - and you're not the first of the 700 on this list to think that processed salad dressing from a store like Fresh Fields must be better than processed salad dressing you find at A&P. It isn't, at least not as far as SCD is concerned. Even a "healthy" brand virtually always contains a gum like xanthan. Even if it didn't, you don't know what's been done to the mustard, you don't know if the honey is unadulterated, you don't know if the garlic and onion are fresh or powdered (which would make them illegal), horseradish usually contains added sugar, you don't know if the white wine is dry, and you have no idea whatsoever what "spices" means. "Natural flavors" is another one that trips people up. They seem to think it's somehow better than "artificial flavors." It isn't. Even if the word "natural" had any meaning, natural isn't the issue on SCD. Starch and the wrong kinds of sugar are the issues.

To further complicate matters, in the U.S. there is a rule which allows manufacturers to leave an ingredient off the label completely if it constitutes less than 2% of the product. They can also, for example, call something "sugar free" when it is in fact loaded with xylitol - a sugar. Know why? Well, xylitol isn't digestible - to you. Nor is sucralose, by design. Nor is Olestra, that nasty fake fat they're pushing now, which causes lovely symptoms like diarrhea and "anal leakage" (pleasant, eh?) even in normies. Guess what happens to substances we can't digest? Contrary to what we're told, these things *do not* pass harmlessly through the digestive tract. Instead, they provide sustenance for whatever already overpopulated pathogenic microscopic critters are living in your inflamed gut. And they don't need much to be really, really happy.

So, to sum all of this up, the much shorter answer to your question is no. You cannot use purchased salad dressings. You cannot use purchased mayonnaise. You cannot use purchased ketchup. You cannot use supposedly natural soda, organic commercial yoghurt (except as a starter for your own homemade 24-hour yoghurt), or canned vegetables *even if they state "no sugar added."* Just don't even go there.

You will get used to cooking. Better to spend your time in the kitchen than in the bathroom.

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"We must never forget that what the patient takes beyond his ability to digest does harm."
    Dr. Samuel Gee

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