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Marcia writes:
I am taking extra magnesium for several reasons, constipation avoidance, against heart speed-ups and because actually my Dr prescribed it.

I got some "legal" ones from the UK and am doing fine and having good success with them. I also feel and act much calmer in general. I take 2 in the morning and 1 at night. And I take another if my heart seems to start feeling "fluttery" at any time. I'd have to go look at the bottle to tell you the dosage.

I believe magnesium citrate was supposed to be the best for constipation, because it isn't really assimilated but apparently sits in the bowel and absorbs water. (anyone, jump in here if I don't recall this correctly) People mention often Nature's Calm, but I can't get that.

I think Elaine's biggest concern is that people go overboard with the minerals and take a whole bunch of one, while ignoring all the others, and that can throw the body out of whack. I take also the frieda vitamins to be sure I get some balance, I just increase the magnesium because it really does seem that I need it.

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"We must never forget that what the patient takes beyond his ability to digest does harm."
    Dr. Samuel Gee

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