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Low Carbohydrate SCD

Elaine writes:
Even on our list there are a few people who insist they have to have no carbs to get well. This is not the mantra of the SCD. Bacterial and yeast infections go hand in hand. As the SCD decreases the number of both or either one, you will improve. No one can really tell you all the details of the 400 plus critters down there in your gut. Get on SCD as recommended in the book. Cook and peel all fruits (other than banana) as instructed and see how much progress your make. Don't assume what you have until you give SCD a fair try of 3-4 weeks. You might want to strain your homemade yogurt at the beginning and go slowly with it.

You can also introduce raw and ripe avocado which is high in wonderful fats. Eat plenty meat and use olive oil as much as you can.

Once you can eat the baked goods, you will be getting lots of calories. In the Brain Connection chapter of my book, I included the letter from the woman whose husband gained 40 lbs. in 4 months (page 41).

Some people take a year or more to get the weight on but once the gut is healed, you have a real chance of reaching optimal weight.

Good luck

Deborah writes:
There are many reasons for going either carb free or low carb. One may be that one is very susceptible to cancer, either because of a genetic propensity, or because of massive exposure to toxins or radiation. Another may be a severe, systemic candida overgrowth. Another may be hyperinsulinism (insulin resistance). Or one may just think it's healthier not to overdose on carbs, even legal ones.

In any case, I wouldn't recommend going carb free during pregnancy (unless I were to learn more about it and find out it's harmless), unless one is diabetic or has some other compelling reason. Elaine recommends making sure one has adequate legal carbs when pregnant, but it's pretty easy to satisfy any possible requirement for carbs by eating a banana in yogurt at one meal, and some berries at another, I would think. Certainly, two bananas a day would give one a very large (and more than adequate) dose of carbs, even for pregnancy.

The rationale for eating carbs during pregnancy is that one would presumably have a smaller baby without them. Whether a smaller baby grown on adequate protein and adequate and good quality fat is the same as a smaller baby on the SAD, I doubt, but I can't say that it isn't better to have a larger baby, as the statistics do show that larger babies (except those overly large because of diabetes in the mother) are more intelligent. However, those statistics are for mothers on the SAD.

If one is not pregnant, I wouldn't worry about any "dietary requirement" for carbs. Humans do have a definite requirement for protein and fat, but not for carbs.

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"We must never forget that what the patient takes beyond his ability to digest does harm."
    Dr. Samuel Gee

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