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The livers failure to detoxify

<I have wondered what is the root cause of intestinal bacteria and all
the bad gut bugs etc. - is it the livers failure to detoxify?>

From Elaine:
The root cause of overgrowth of non pathological bacteria (overgrowth is not a good thing) is they get too much to eat. It is the old Malthusian population theory about food creating increase in population.

Since much of the high starch and sucrose diets is bypassing absorption, just creates a bonanza for the world of microbes. HOWEVER, as they ferment and change the carbs into energy, they leave the organic acids and on page 19, I tell you what happens when the pH drops as a result of this overproduction of organic acids: harmful bacteria can change into pathological ones (viz. E.coli). The D-lactic acid, one of the acids produced, has been studied and it is known (pg. 40) to cause neurological problems. Our diet prevents the production of these organic acids by not allowing these fermentable carbs to get down there.

If the liver were working fine, it would detoxify toxins and they would leave the body through the urine or feces. When the liver is not able to do the job, these toxins enter the bloodstream as they do in hepatic encephalopathy - and they DO cross the blood brain barrier

The root cause is the gut which is "poisoning the liver." All the toxins, etc. affecting the liver. There are "two way streets" from gut to liver to bile to pancrease via ducts. Although in university we are taught that they are one way streets, bacteria know not the rules of the road - they go where they can.

From Pecan Bread support group



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"We must never forget that what the patient takes beyond his ability to digest does harm."
    Dr. Samuel Gee

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