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India - SCD In India 2

Suneeti writes the following to a new SCDer in India: Various types of grams (Bengal gram, black gram etc) - NO GRAM DAL (lentils) OF ANY KIND!!! This includes the Mung beans of any kind (green gram) which traditionally is considered the easiest of lentils to digest. Absolutely no black gram (urad dal) which I know is used every day in the South to make idlis and dosas, a staple food. You can definitely use split red lentils (masoor dal) and I use it very successfully as a substitute for making 'sambaar' instead of using the SCD illegal 'toovar/arhar' dal. No kidney beans (rajma), no black-eyed beans/peas ('lobhia'/'chowla'), no chickpeas/garbanzo beans ('chana'), or 'kala chana'. You can use split yellow peas. The split peas (green and yellow) are known as 'matar dal' in India. The yellow split peas can also be substituted for the above mentioned 'toovar dal' and 'chana'.

Keep in mind, you should introduce legal lentils only about 6 months after starting the diet depending on your symptoms. So if you have just started the diet do not even consider eating any lentils yet.

Butter and butter milk (homemade by separating from yoghurt:
If you make the buttermilk by just churning the yogurt (only SCD yogurt) with water, that is most certainly legal. I call that concoction 'lassi'.

Green peas - if that is 'matar' (in Hindi), then it is legal. But at the beginning the skin of the peas can be bothersome.

Fruits like mangoes, papaya and ,jack fruit - I know what jack fruit is and am absolutley not sure of its legality - hope it is not mucilagenous (like okra, marshmallows, drumsticks etc.). I know it is very popular in the South and is eaten in various preparations besides just as a fruit. Stay on the side of caution and avoid it. You can eat lychees though - Jack fruit I think has a similar texture. Mangoes are legal but I personally went slow with them at the beginning - if you overdo it even with a good digestive system it can give you d! Papaya is excellent.

Ground nuts - did you mean peanuts by that? If so, yes peanuts unroasted, or roasted at home, are legal. NOTE: The green peanuts that are boiled in salted water, shelled and eaten are ILLEGAL!!!! This is because they are raw.

In addition, semolina ('sooji') is illegal. NO plantains - fried chips or otherwise. No jaggery ('gur'). No tamarind paste - make it at home with the pods instead, by soaking the peeled pods in hot water. No bitter-gourd ('karela').

I am mentioning a few more fruits that were discussed on the list a while back and are considered legal:
Star fruit - 'kamrak'
Custard apple - 'sharifa'
figs - 'anjeer'
guava - 'amrood'
pomegranate - 'anar'
Sapota/Spodilla - 'chikoo'

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"We must never forget that what the patient takes beyond his ability to digest does harm."
    Dr. Samuel Gee

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