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Immunology and the Gut

Elaine writes:
This whole area of inflammatory bowel disease is tied up with the immune system and its respone to bacteria. Yes, all along the muscle walls of the small intestine are lymphoid tissue called Peyer's patches which are part of the immune system. In fact, on page 12 of BTVC you will see the ascending colon with the appendix at the beginning of the ascending colon. The appendix is an immune organ and much research and study has gone into its function. Altho it is assumed by many young doctors that the appendix is a vestigial organ (not necessary anymore like the tonsils) this is not true. It is highly functioning immunological tissue . We ran a survey last year about whether or not people with IBD still had their appendix and the data showed that most with UC still had the appendix. I really don't know what this means but it is significant. The immune system is undoubtedly very much involved with the gut and gut bacteria.  

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