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Homeopathy and SCD™ Legality

Elaine writes:
Even a search engine (although I haven't gone to one about the underlying premises) gives an indication of what homeopathy is about. I have taken some courses (altho superficial) which explain how certain compounds used in making homeopathic drugs are prepared.

The homeopaths claim that the greater the dilution with water, the more potent the drug is. Some dilutions are so great that it has been claimed that barely a molecule of the original compound could be found in the solution and that the potency increases as the solution becames more diluted. There is a process of agitation involved with each dilution which
is said to transfer energy to the water molecules. I do not think homeopathy was practiced this way when Dr. Hahnemann established it as a therapy. However, that is how it used today.

Based on this premise, all the talk about echinacea, etc. containing harmful substances is not valid. That is why I have allowed Echinacea and some others to be classified as legal on SCD™. When there has been controlled research conducted as with milk thistle and the results were inconclusive as to whether or not the herb (or homeopathic drug) had any efficacy at all in reducing liver toxicity, I have stated this based on the research (sometimes by National Institutes of Health along with the naturopathic school, Bastyr
College in Washing ton state).

Of course, each person does what he thinks as wise but since there has been controversy on our SCD™ lists about this, I felt that I should present my view. I do not pretend to have expertise in the area of most supplements other than vitamins and minerals. And in these, some of the fillers and additives are questionale. But it comes down to priorities.

Since I feel that conservative amounts of supplements are not only helpful but essential for healing along with SCD™, I have communicated with Freeda in an effort to eliminate those most questionable such as sorbitol and guar gum, etc.


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"We must never forget that what the patient takes beyond his ability to digest does harm."
    Dr. Samuel Gee

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