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Hidden Sweeteners in Fruit Juice

Lisa writes:
Do not trust fruit juices labeled no sugar added! You want to find a juice
that has only that vegetable or fruit listed as an ingredient - such as
oranges for orange juice. Check the ingredients list. If apple juice is
listed for orange juice this is because the manufacturers have dehydrated
the apple juice to be left with apple 'sugar' or fructose. This powder is
then de-ionised to remove the apple flavour so only fructose is added. In
this way, the juice makers can add large quantities of fructose to sweeten
juices. Although Fructose per se is legal (in its natural fruit form, bite
the apple!) this form of manufacture is not natural and not sugar free -
it will just complicate your diet for you. Stick to the natural juices you
can find or make your own.
Fructose can be added to all manner of foods unnoticed as an additional
sweetener. The manufacturers like to dehydrate and de-ionise fruit juice
to make fructose and then add this to their products. You will only see
this listed as apples or apple juice in the ingredients. With the
manufacturers messing with the food this much there is no way of knowing
if they have added other illegals or sweeteners.

Originally from the Long Island listserve.



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