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Grasses - Juicing

Wheat grass juice is legal if it is
1. homemade
2. the sprout (grass) only is used and the seed pod is discarded.

Storebought may have some of the starchy seed pod.


Elaine writes:
The juice of ONLY THE GRASS (the sprout) would be OK. I have explained and I think it is in FAQ on that just like our blood system, the circulatory system of the growing sprout of whatever grain it is, cannot use the starch within the seed of the grain and the starch is broken down by plant enzymes so that it can enter the circulatory system of the sprout as glucose. So the grass is OK just like it is so good for grazing animals. However, feed the animals a load of the starchey seed (grain) and they get sick.


Is wheatgrass juice allowed?

Elaine writes:

The juice from the wheatgrass (has no illegal carbs if made only from the grassy sprouts) should be OK. But why go to all that trouble of making it yourself and I would not buy it as it has to be very fresh.



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