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Elaine writes:
Granulated fructose (or even liquid) that is sold as "fructose" has a mixture of other trisaccharides, etc. in it. It is extracted from corn and they are not too fussy about eliminating a few molecules of whatever that may get in with it. I know because I have extensive correspondence with researchers who have been fooled by this fact. Even published research reports which stumped me. I called the UK laboratory supply house which supplied the researchers with the "fructose" or "glucose" used in "elemental" diets to be told over the phone the raw truth.

Deborah writes:
Even if you could get pure fructose, which is very unlikely, isolated fructose (as opposed to what occurs naturally in fruit and honey) is very harmful. It causes copper deficiencies and heart problems.

Lisa writes:
Fructose can be added to all manner of foods unnoticed as an additional sweetener. The manufacturers like to dehydrate and de-ionise fruit juices to make fructose and then add this to their products. You will only see this listed as apples or apple juice in the ingredients. Although fructose per se is legal (in its natural fruit form, bite the apple!) if manufacturers mess with the food this much there is no way of knowing if they have added other illegals or sweeteners.

See also: Dextrose.

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"We must never forget that what the patient takes beyond his ability to digest does harm."
    Dr. Samuel Gee

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