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Cold Remedies

Elaine writes:
No, I don't know of a cold remedy that is explicitly SCD legal and, considering what the latest bad news is on Sudafed and considering that President Bush almost choked to death on a pretzel when I think it was the cold remedy he was on, I can suggest only:

Lots of hot tea with honey and lemon and, before bed, a bit of whiskey in it. A couple Tylenol at the same time as the bedtime tea will make you perspire a lot (skip the alcohol if you take tylenol). Get under the covers and sweat it out. Gargle with salt water many times during the day. I have taken homeopathic aconite (in alcohol, not in pills) but it should be prescribed by a homeopath as I understand each person is different in the homeopathic world. Echinecea is similar to aconite. But I think the latter two are more effective as the cold starts.

t writes:
Try gargling with a few drops of tea tree oil in a glass of the warmest water you can stand. Start doing this every couple of hours as soon as you feel a cold coming on. If you can find legal zinc lozenges, these will help too. It doesn't help to just take a zinc supplement, as the zinc has to actually coat your nasal pharyngeal airways to keep the bugs from multiplying.

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