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Clostridium Difficile Testing

Mary writes:
Besides stool tests there are two other MUCH simpler ways to get c.diff diagnosed, but traditional MDs don't use these tests, only holisitically-oriented MDs and other health practitioners use them: An organic acids [urine] test. These tests measure the levels of toxins released by clostridia, anerobic bacteria in general and fungus. I was diagnosed with a huge overgrowth of clostridia (don't know what strain because the test doesn't identify specific strains, only genuses; it doesn't culture the bacteria, it only reveals the toxins they release) and successfully treated with flagyl. Another test used to detect c. diff is a blood test that reveals antibodies to various pathogenic bacteria, including clostridia. Its called an ulcerative colitis blood test panel.

In addition, Mary writes:
I have just heard that metametrix labs will let people outside the US order their test directly. Just to review what I have written about c. diff tests a number of times now, there are THREE ways to diagnose it; 1) stool (traditional test-- hard to get a postive) 2) urine 3) blood (antibodies). Holistic MDs use the latter 2 tests and consider them much more reliable. Metametrix uses the urine test which tests for the TOXINS c. diff gives off. It also tests for yeast and other bacterial toxins. So the test will tell you 1) if you have c. diff and if so, how much of an overgrowth 2) if you have yeast overgrowth 3) if you have bacterial overgrowth. 4) whether your overgrowth is more fungal or bacterial, i.e. the ratio.

What the test does NOT tell you : 1) what strain of yeast you might have 2) what other strains of bacteria it is picking up (besides c. diff). Also, Metametrix cannot give you a prescription. So this test would be purely informational for you.

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