The Specific Carbohydrate Diet

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Elaine writes:

Some of the allergy testing is far from accurate. However, if you have ever had an anaphylactic reaction to a nut or another food, stay away for it for ever and ever.

There are two schools of thought about gut problems: (1) leaky gut which suggests that intact proteins from things like wheat and milk are getting into the bloodstream and provoking an allergic reaction (2) our school of thought that overgrowth of bacteria can cause alterations in the gut mucosa which might cause large molecules to get through into the bloodstream. However, if we get rid of bacterial overgrowth, the gut will heal and allergies in time will disappear if, in fact they are caused by the damage to the intestinal mucosa. There are a few other theories which I will not discuss now but they, too, involve the immune system but in other ways aside from inducing an allergic reaction.

Most people such as you find that introducing the introductory diet for a few days and then gradually gaining confidence that certain foods should be added, find that they are getting better eating the very foods to which they were supposed to be allergic.

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"We must never forget that what the patient takes beyond his ability to digest does harm."
    Dr. Samuel Gee

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