The Specific Carbohydrate Diet

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Elaine writes:
Alcohol in dry wine and other products is made from grain, but none of the starch is left. The yeast used in making wine, as well as enzymes in the grains, when mashed and left to heat and time, change the starch and sugars into alcohol. Since alcohol is only a short two-carbon structure (as compared to starch and disaccharides-see diagrams of many sugars each with 6 carbons X the number of sugars in the chain)(Page 3 in BTVC) alcohol can be absorbed very quickly through the stomach or upper small intestine, and we need not worry about any of these calories getting down to where bacteria waiting for something to eat and make babies.

However, if starch and sugars DO get down to the lower gut and are fermented by bacteria and yeast into alcohol or short chain fatty acids, then we have problems.

But as long as it is absorbed up high AND NOT TOO MUCH we are OK on SCD.

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"We must never forget that what the patient takes beyond his ability to digest does harm."
    Dr. Samuel Gee

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