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Advice for a Bad Day

Karen writes:
First, remember how it's so easy to fall into negative thinking when you're feeling lousy. The mind has a field day making all kinds of projections about how things are going to be, based on a temporary down period. I don't think that progress is ever a steady uphill direction, for any of us... the body is adjusting in so many ways and there's bound to be a step backward for all the many steps forward we make.

But when you're feeling bad, the mind can overfocus on that and not see the bigger picture of what's really happening. So it's good to remind yourself (I have to do this all the time) that this is a longer-term process, and that the foundation we're building with the diet will have a profound impact on our health in so many ways.

I'm sure that the diet *does* work for everyone, in the sense that it's helping the gut to heal so it can absorb nutrients. There's just no better way to eat to promote the best intestinal health. Some people may need to also use other types of therapies, especially if there are stubborn critters to contend with like parasites. But I think that there's no sense ever giving up on the diet, because it can only help. Whether you need some extra help in addition, you'll be in a better position to know that after you've given the diet some time.

If you've had a virus, give yourself some time to get back on track, go very easy introducing new foods, and be very gentle with yourself. If you're taking the vitamins with zinc, the zinc especially can sometimes cause some stomach upset or queasiness, so you might cut back on that, or divide the dose or take them only with meals.

I think it might help just to tear your mind away from its habit of worrying about the future. My sister also teaches, and when she was sick she drove herself crazy with anxiety, "I have to get better by Monday!". I'm sure you know how that just makes things worse. Just remember that right now, you're doing the very best you can for yourself, and you can relax with that knowledge. How terrific that your daughter is loving the diet! Now *there's* something to obsess about :-)

I have times of feeling low, and crying's a good thing sometimes. But I never take any of my runaway thoughts seriously anymore, the ones that come up during those times. I don't know about you, but I give myself a lot of room for some temporary insanity!.. knowing that my perspective is all skewed during those times. It's just a rough spot to go through, that's all, and you'll get through it. And when you just can't "pull yourself out of it", to be very self-forgiving. This isn't a race or a matter of brute force, it's a matter of giving your body a chance to heal itself, and it really does most of that for you. I know it's easy to say "take it easy", but that's really how you move through this. Take some deep breaths and be good to yourself.

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"We must never forget that what the patient takes beyond his ability to digest does harm."
    Dr. Samuel Gee

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