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New SCD frozen meals.

This website provides children with the SCD version of popular foods such as Chicken Nuggets and Pizza. Please be aware that these foods are not for people who are beginning the SCD.

All of the beans in these products are soaked and prepared in strict accordance with SCD requirements. However, beans are considered an "advanced food" on SCD and should be used with caution.. Please try a very small piece the size of a dime and see if your child tolerates it. If your child does not tolerate it then freeze the food and retry after several months.

Caleb's Cooking Company Store

Dole Pineapple Juice is no longer legal!

Kirkman Supplements Alert

The following Kirkman Vitamins are no longer SCD legal. We called Kirkman and they confirmed that this is true.

TMG 500 mg with Folinic Acid & Methyl B-12 - Hypoallergenic
DMG with Folinic Acid & B-12 - Hypoallergenic
TMG with Folinic Acid & B-12 - Hypoallergenic

Kirkman Multiple Vitamin Pro-Support has removed "no starch" from the label. Someone called to find out why and was told that the chemist says there is a trace amount of starch from the vitamin E.

In-depth checking needs to be done before we safely can say that the other Kirkman supplements are legal. There were several efforts recently to talk to the head of Kirkman but he was unavailable. An employee of the company said that Kirkman specialized in GFCF products.

It is very important for a supplement company to have a good understanding of SCD in order to be able to produce supplements that are compatible with the diet. Elaine helped Freeda to make the supplements that contain the SCD label. All the GI ProHealth supplements are carefully monitored by an expert on SCD.

We hope that an autism organization will provide testing for SCD supplements. Periodic lab testing of supplements is the way to go. Until we get this done, do not blame SCD if you are not getting good results and are using supplements that were not made especially for SCD.

We hope that one day, Kirkman will want to talk with SCD representatives.

Tropicana Orange Juice Alert

A while ago, a list member called both Welch's and Tropicana about their calcium fortified juices. BOTH companies use a calcium supplement that has starch in them. This makes their calcium fortified juices illegal.

Recently, Tropicana changed their packaging; both the Tropicana Pure premium Orange Juice with calcium and the Tropicana Pure premium Orange Juice without calcium look almost identical. You need to inspect to insure that you are buying juice without any added calcium.

Management of Celiac Disease by Dr. Haas

This book, long out of print, is now available in a reproduced edition.
Read more about this book

Newspaper and TV articles about SCD

A mother inspires a school to serve SCD foods

A young girl is on her way to recovery from autism. Her mother says the diet is what has transformed her. 'It made the most amazing difference".

An Aberdeenshire mother's claim that the SCD diet can help treat autism is being taken seriously by doctors.

Click here to view a television show about how SCD recovered a boy with autism.

The SCD Committee

An SCD Committee was established to preserve the integrity of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet as developed and presented by Elaine Gottschall. It operates under the authority of the Gottschall family, who hold exclusive rights to SCD and its use.

The following activities require the approval of the SCD Committee:

1. Speakers at ASD Conventions, including the products they endorse, books they have written, and any materials they intend to distribute.

2. Books and cookbooks about SCD.

3. Radio programs about SCD.

4. Treatments incorporating SCD.

5 Websites that provide directions for implementing SCD.

The SCD Committee insures that these activities adhere strictly to the principles Elaine outlined, thereby preserving her heroic efforts and this wonderful diet for current and future generations. To contact the SCD Committee send an email to:

The Gottschall Center

Link to the latest news from the Gottschall Center

Announcement about Sheila

We are pleased to announce that our Head Moderator, Sheila Trenholm, will soon return to school full-time to study food safety. Currently she holds a degree in biology with an emphasis on microbiology. Her professional experience includes working in the food science lab of a local university helping to develop new food products, running microbiological tests, and testing food products with pilot plant sized equipment.

Sheila started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for herself in February of 2001, following a very bad ulcerative colitis flare. She had been in and out of the hospital with persistent symptoms. Told by her doctors that most people with long-term UC usually end up having their colons removed, Sheila and her husband searched the Internet for a less radical solution. The first link that popped up was about SCD. She began the diet first thing the next morning!

A year later and doing amazingly well, Sheila, along with her husband, put their two children on the diet. Within days of starting, their son’s stools lost their smell, and the frequency dropped from five to eight bowel movements a day to only one to three. Even her husband and daughter had surprising results when they went on SCD 100 percent. Her husband lost the 50 pounds he had battled over the years. Their daughter’s occasional but intense constipation also was brought under control.

Sheila originally joined the Elaine’s Children’s List (now the Pecanbread List) to get ideas for school lunches and to have a comfortable place to discuss having her children on SCD. Six months later, she became a moderator. We are indebted to her for her work on the “stages” chart and in verifying legal supplements, writing material for the pecanbread web site, counseling many people with difficult cases, and patiently and kindly answering questions on the list for many years. Just before we lost Elaine, she designated Sheila as her replacement regarding SCD food advice and decisions.

We wish Sheila all the best as she embarks on this new chapter in her life!