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Links for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet

The webpage for finding out what foods are SCD legal:

The third version of Pecanbread.

A website dedicated to SCD recipes:

The official SCD website:

A place to find doctors who are SCD friendly:

A website for finding food substitutes in order to change conventional recipes into SCD legal ones:

Daily Calorie Counts of Carbs, Fat, and Protein. Detailed Nutrition for 1,000's of foods and Diet Analysis and much more:

Great mass/volume converter for foods.

Great summary of the currrent research concerning the benefits of yogurt:

Honey and nuts fight cholesterol:

A website dedicated to SCD recipes:

A website with many recipes:

UCLBS Recipes:

A great webpage for SCD foods:

Summary of the GI pathology of children with autism.

A great travel agent for SCD:
Diane Distefano

The UK website for SCD:

Honey as a source of antioxidants in the human diet.

Why Enhanced SCD is better than GAPS!

The Gottschall Autism Center partners with families to provide children and adults with optimal health interventions, support services, educational enrichment, and employment opportunities.

A very interesting blog about SCD.

A page of delicious school lunch ideas for children who are advanced with SCD

A good summary of SCD
Article in

The second version of Pecanbread.