This page contains two stories to motivate and inspire children to comply with SCD.

Big Bad Bug Party

Everyone has good bugs and bad bugs in their tummy. My bad bugs are being bullies and want to kick my good bugs out. The bad bugs need lots of treats which make them stronger than my good bugs. So they are very hungry. My good bugs are trying to fight back but they need my help. The only thing I can do is make sure to not give any treats to the bad bugs.. and put extra good bugs in my tummy.

Bad bugs love flour and sugar. It's their two favorite things to eat. Flour is in bread and macaroni and all sorts of yummy things. Sugar is in my favorite cereal and candy. But if I send down these treats to my tummy, the bad bugs will have a big party! They will have their party hats on and invite all their other bad bugs friends over!

What happens when bad bugs have a big bad bug party?

The good bugs have a big job to do. They take the good foods you eat and turn them into vitamins that make you feel good. The bad bugs don't want you to have any vitamins so they steal it and make bad things from it.

What do the bad bugs make? The bad bugs take the treats... and get fat and happy, but then they burp alot and take all the good bugs food. The more they eat treats, it makes you run to the bathroom to get rid of all those burps and it's not fun. Cus they burp ALOT!

Good poop is when all my good bugs get together and hold on tight, and they only leave the party when they feel good because they have done their job for the day.

Bad poop is when the bad bugs are beating up the good bugs and holding them hostage and they can't do their job.

Are you going to let them get away with that? No!

This is your tummy and you are in charge! That means that we are not going to give the bad bugs anything to eat! They will be so hungry after awhile, they will just give up because you have kicked them out of your tummy.

You're going to send a big army of good bugs down to kick them out. Yogurt has more good bugs than anything on earth. And they are ready and waiting for you to send them down to your tummy to get rid of the bad bugs forever.

Those bad bugs don't have a chance because you are in charge!

You get to eat special treats that you like but the bad bugs don't and they are going to be very mad that you are so smart. They don't like yogurt....because they know it has army's of good bugs that will be stronger than they are.

If you see poop that comes out dark and black and you feel bad for a few days... you will know that it is the BAD BUGS LEAVING!!! They can't leave without causing a fuss but you will know your good bugs are kicking them out.

WE are going to cook very special things just for your army.

Some kids don't have a bad bug army to fight so they eat whatever they want, (they might not know how many bugs they have!) but you do!

Following SCD Can Be Fun

When something is broken, it needs fixing. Your tummy is like a factory making good things for your body from the food you put into it. When machinery gets jammed, the assembly line shuts down. So it is with different things going on in your body, things you need in working order to feel well and be active.

Having your special SCD diet is the fixer upper that is going to help you feel better.

Following SCD can be fun, kind of like a science project and cooking course combined. If you can hang on to the belief that this diet is going to make you feel better and even look better you will become smart about eating what is good for you.

There are ways of sticking to the plan when you are with your friends. Knowing you are doing something good for yourself feels very nice.

At first my friends felt sorry for me and asked a lot of questions. When they saw I was happier, beginning to feel better and having good food to eat even though it was sometimes different from theirs, they stopped feeling sorry for me and gave me compliments. I shared some of my SCD foods and they liked them a lot. I told them a few of the amazing stories of other children who got better and could run and play and be friendly, things that they could not so before, they were pretty impressed.