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Gut Microorganisms and the GI Tract:
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Microbial Toxins Influence Most Digestive Symptoms


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The scientific theory behind SCD has been proven by the latest scientific research articles. A leading medical journal, Journal of the American Medical Society (JAMA), published an overview of the latest research concerning IBS and the symptoms of various digestive problems. In that article, professor Henry Lin from the University of Southern California, reviewed hundreds of research articles about digestive disorders and came to the following conclusions:

* Gut microrganisms are the cause of IBS.
*Starches that were not well digested feed the gut microrganisms and are responsible for the increase in the bodies of patients with digestive problems.
*Gut microrganisms emit endotoxins that disturb the brain.
*There are many other important conclusions in that article.

The results are also applicable to to other digestive disorders besides IBS, since most of the research articles included research done on people with various GI problems, rather than research just limited to patients with IBS.

Dr Henry Lin found that the evidence for these results to be very compelling since there was consistency among the results of so many multiple different studies.

The conclusions gathered by professor Lin bear a striking resemblnce to the theories of Dr Haas and Elaine Gottschall.

It is very important to go to the more than 90 references cited in this article and read their summary by clicking on the links.

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