Introducing SCD

The latest research supports SCD as the best diet for Autism Spectrum Disorder!

This research shows that fungi and bacteria in the GI tract cause gastrointestinal problems and neurological problems such as autism. Studies also indicate that starches and certain sugars feed these fungi and bacteria. SCD eliminates the foods that feed these microorganisms, starving the pathogens so that they leave the body. The child is no longer a hostage to billions of pathogenic invaders that poison the gut and brain.

Reports from parents are amazing. Children who did not respond to any other ASD intervention are getting impressive results. Parents liken their children's response to SCD to butterflies emerging from their cocoon. One mother wrote: "When you see them emerge, the true child, with a loving personality, like an iridescent butterfly breaking out of its cocoon, --well, that's why we all persevere"

The Use of the SCD in ASD

Pamela Ferro is a Nurse in Private Practice in Mattapoisett MA, and a parent of a child on the autism spectrum. She has treated well over 300 children with ASD utilizing biomedical approaches in her clinic.

"Children with Autism who are implementing SCD are demonstrating remarkable improvements in bowel function, language, eye contact, self-stimulatory behavior, anxiety, and mood. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet unlike other specialized diets works by removing the foods that cannot be properly broken down. The vicious cycle of malabsorption, maldigestion, inflammation, and food allergies seen in children with autism can be corrected using this dietary approach and healthy digestion can begin."