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Ear Ache

When my daughter has woken up with sore ears in the past I have her to lie on one side and put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the sore ear. (It makes a bubbling sound like popcorn popping). I place a warm cloth on the side of her head and wait for a few minutes (5-7). When most of the bubbling sound stops (or slows down) I tip her head back the other way. 1-2 treatments seem to be enough to clear it up.


Sore Throat

Gargle with salt water.

Bad Breath

Gargle with one teaspoon of honey and cinnamon mixed in hot water. Breath stays fresh throughout the day.

Legal Decongestant

One thing I have heard of, and have tried myself is nasal irrigation, using a warm salt water. It really does help clean out the sinuses. I don't have time now to search for links, but you should look up info on instructions how to do this properly. Video for instructions from the Mayo Clinic:

One other thing I use for colds is Zicam's gel that you swab into the nostril.

Diane D.

Our DAN prescribed (though they're homeopathic, not prescription, & you can get them online) PLEO nose drops. decongestant/ fever reducer... getting a 3yo to let you drip nose drops in his nose is almost impossible, though..

Someone on the list also mentioned Zicam nose swabs.

both of those bypass the gut...

hope this helps!


If you can tolerate, these work wonders: 1: garlic clove chopped to whatever size you can swallow, or sprinkled on honey and swallowed.

Juice the garlic if you are a beginner with SCD

2: Coconut oil - amazing results - will kill off yeast as well, so it may take longer to see results, but it does work:

If you dont mind slight coconut aroma, this is best:

If you prefer odorless:

Read the research:

We use 2 tsp a day each for my almost 4 yr old sons blended with nut butters + honey with their supplements for a shake. We used Diflucan pre-SCD, and this works TONS better - it will set off a healing crisis, so be aware.

I take 3 tsp per day in same type of concoction, with my supplements.

Our chocolate shake recipe:
coconut oil (in liquid form), cashew butter, peanut butter, filtered water, honey, Himalayan salt, vanilla (all SCD legal)to desired thickness (truly tastes like "mild" milk chocolate)
[Please note that cashew and peanut butter are very difficult to digest, you might replace them with pecan or almond butter.]

Our vanilla shake recipe:
coconut oil (in liquid form) Almondie butter from Digestive Wellness, honey, filtered water, Himalayan salt, vanilla to desired thickness

Our orange shake recipe:
OJ, coconut oil, 1/2 avocado or banana, honey, filtered water, himalayan salt to desired thickness

If you take probiotics, be aware, that you cannot combine the virgin oil with probiotics, as the antifungal properties of the coconut oil will destroy the probiotics. Using the expeller pressed to mix with probiotics and supplements is fine - this is per Klaire labs, whom I called to verify this info with.

Also, re: the garlic, I was skeptical, but had a cold at Christmas, and the ND suggested I take it to bulk up, and truly, my sniffles disappeared.

Finally, this hand immersion blender makes things easy: rt-imersion-blender/4,2819.html

This blender is Cuisinart's professional line, and has more horsepower than their home use blenders. Also, it is stainless steel, and easy to clean - odors do not transfer; soak + rinse in hot water. Useful to puree carrots - use a deep Pyrex measuring cup for larger quantities.



Honey. My friend who is a physician's assistant at a Children's Hospital here in Atlanta said that she recently read a journal article for work that compared conventional cough syrups to honey. Children's cough symptoms were reduced more effectively with honey. I have always given my children a combination of honey and lime juice for coughs and I feel that it works really well.


I use a simple mixture for everyone in the family, passed down the generations so not necessarily SCD!!
Cut half white onion and place in a pyrex bowl (use one with a lid) and pour honey over the top until covered. Cover, leave a day until the juice from the onion and honey mix together and rise to the top. Scoop the onion out and give 1-2 tsp of the liquid when needed.
My husband used to be a skeptic but he can't deny it now!!
And it tastes alright too.


My vocal major friends in college used to take lemon slices and honey packets from the cafeteria, pour the honey directly onto a slice and suck on them both together to soothe sore throats and calm coughs.


I would also recommend you a homemade cough syrup, made from just ginger juice and honey. I learned about it through another group and people there were calling it " a miracle". Both my girls had nasty cough several weeks ago. I tried it on them. It is really amazing how this syrup works. Within 20 minutes after taking it, both my children stopped coughing completely and slept through the night.

Good luck! Mihaela

Remedy for a Severe Cold

1. Chicken soup.

2. Take Vitamin C. in small doses of 250 mg every few hours. There are quality and affordable brands of Vitamin C Those in pill form have fillers so capsules can be better or have it compounded. ( vegetable cellulose is OK).

3. Sip ginger tea. Simmer fresh ginger, strain and drink warm.

4. Good old fashioned Vick's Vapor Rub is comforting. Apply it to the chest.

5. Take a hot shower and enjoy the steam.

6. Sleep as much as possible.

7. Add a generous amount of raw garlic to everything you can.

8. If it is a child with the cold, use the same remedies for yourself to avoid contracting the virus and passing it back and forth. The highly advertised over-the-counter cold medicines are not cures - they only mask symptoms so use them sparingly if at all - and only if nothing else will help the child sleep. if you REALLY feel you need to give such medicine, you may only need to give a half dose.

9. Peppermint tea is helpful when there is a lot of mucous present and is being swallowed. That can upset the gut.

10. You might want to combine crushed garlic with olive oil to clear the nasal passages. Take a cotton swab, dip it into the garlic oil and apply a small amount to the inside of the nose. It sometimes works better than nasal spray since it doesn't dry the sinus cavity.


Hello! During the winter months and certainly for a cold I use a vaporizer and put the menthol lotion (in the vaporizer)so they can breathe easier. I also give them plenty of chicken soup. And if my older kids get really congested I put almost boiling water with cinammon on a bowl and let them breath close by I will put a towel to cover their heads and have like a "minisauna".
It works :-)


My suggestions; cool mist humidifier for bedtime, raise mattress with pillow underneath at head, head of garlic chopped open sitting near humidifier, no milk or dairy, lots of water, steamy epsom salts bath before bed, badger balm (WF) chest rub to keep airways open, a little water, lemon juice, and honey in a syringe to help with cough. Hope everyone gets some sleep tonight, Alison M

Chapped Lips

Try coconut oil.... or, you could try Lansinoh, which is pure lanolin. Comes in a purple tube, marketed for breastfeeding moms, so you find it in the baby section. It works great and stays on well.



Cider vinegar might help. it has helped my dd with acid reflex. I gave her part of a tsp in some water... ..I think the remedy is to take 1 tsp straight... it is not so pleasant to take..i'd have some water handy to drink after Do you elevate yourself on some pillows when you first go to sleep(dont lay flat), also try not to eat right before bed..


Baking soda does not agree with everyone.