Banana Cakes
by Paula

5 bananas
5 eggs
vanilla (I didn't measure..maybe 1/2 tsp?)
honey (again ? maybe 1/4 cup?)
heaping tbsp coconut oil, melted but not at all hot

Whip everything together.
Grease an 8 x 8 glass baking dish with coconut oil, cut parchment paper to fit inside the bottom of the dish, smooth it over the oil and oil the paper pour the batter in.
Bake at 325 for an hour until done or knife comes out clean. Let it cool and then slide a knife around the edges to release the sides from the dish and turn it over a cooling rack and the cake will come right out and you can peel the paper off easily.

This stuff is DELICIOUS and Paula based it on banana pancakes but it is WAY better and so much easier. My kids are going to freak out. I bet your kiddo will like it too. You could leave the honey/vanilla out and it would still be delicious. I just have such a sweet tooth...