Overcoming Difficulties

We are here to help you.

There is free help from the list and websites.

So many of our parents did get the wonderful benefits of SCD despite initial failure because they sought help instead of giving up.

If you are having difficulties, please be assured that we will do all within our power to help you overcome them. There usually is a way to solve the problem. If further assistance is required, don't hesitate to avail yourself of the additional help provided by SCD counseling. The approved SCD counselors have a wealth of experience and a wide repertoire of resources to solve the challenges encountered on SCD.

If other measures were unsatisfactory, please take the additional step of seeking the expertise of an SCD counselor. The biggest mistake would be not to seek help!

Child has a temporary setback during the first month of SCD.

Making the child like the foods on the intro diet.

Improving the results with the SCD diet (REQUIRED READING)

How to gain weight

Overcoming children's resistance to new foods

Temporary negative symptoms after several months of good results

Difficulty with Yeast
We do occasionally see yeast flare ups when starting SCD. This should be a temporary increase. As lots of pathogenic bacteria are the first to die off by not feeding them with starches and sugars, yeast will attempt to take up that empty space initially.

Child feels lethargic,lacks appetite,has grey teeth or changes skin color.

Problems with phenols

Problems with the digestion of meats.

Problem with constipation

Problems with salicylates

Problem Report Form