SCD and Other Diets


What is the most important step to take before changing to another diet?

Maximize your implementation of SCD before considering another diet! Click on the "Overcoming Difficulties" section of the website. Try the suggestions for "Improving the Results with the SCD Diet."

Progress can often be improved through personalized SCD counseling. Consultations are usually cheaper than the supplements recommended on other diets.

Other dietary interventions mainly address the issues that RESULT from damage to the GI tract. SCD puts the focus front and center on actually healing the gut first.

You will most likely be able to improve the effectiveness of SCD with a few corrections. We predict you will then be sufficiently gratified to abandon interest in trying other diets.

If you decide to take a detour, remember you can always return and try SCD again. "Second Time SCD" has been successful in many cases.


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Dairy is tolerated by children who are doing SCD in contrast to other diets for autism. How is that possible?

One reason is that SCD legal dairy products are virtually lactose free, and the fermentation process changes the casein molecules, making them far easier to digest.

Another reason is that SCD heals the gut by reducing the inflamation produced by pathogenic gut bacteria.

Recent reasearch has demonstrated that the sensitivity of ASD children to milk (as well as to wheat and soy) seems to be linked to a toxin found in gram negative bacteria. Scientific articles have also shown that unabsorbed starch leads to the increase of gram positive bacteria.

Since SCD eliminates starches, implementing SCD should bring a decline in gram negative bacteria and the toxin that they produce. Would this explain why many children with ASD are able to tolerate the goat yogurt after implementing SCD for a few months? We hope that more studies will explore this important connection.

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