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Kefir is an advanced product. Please use it only after having done the yogurt for many months . Premature use of kefir might bring an adverse die off reaction that is stronger than that of the yogurt. Kefir is an extremely powerful fermented food; it is very effective for controlling pathogenic bacteria.

Kefir and SCD:

Seth Barrows' Comments on Kefir and SCD

Although kefir is allowed on the diet, Elaine Gottschall was a little concerned over itís beneficial yeast content and its potentially high lactose content (if made improperly). Yogurt is much easier, because the recipe is cut and dry. Not so with kefir. Some people experience a cross reaction with the beneficial yeast, especially if they have had yeast allergies in the past.

The modern day guru of kefir has to be Dominic N. Anfiteatro. He is a proponent for using real kefir grains to produce real kefir and is a fountain of knowledge about everything kefir. With his guidance, many people have discovered the benefits of using real kefir. To be compliant with the SCDiet, you will need to make a more acidic kefir that has little to no lactose in it. Keep in mind that it is much better to over-ferment the kefir rather than under-ferment. So if in doubt, let it go longer. All of this information can be found on Dominicís website (which has an excellent FAQ) and by joining his Real_Kefir_Making support group. Please proceed with caution, since a bad batch (with too much lactose) can cause a setback on the diet.

Real kefir is made from kefir grains, not from a powdered starter. There is some art to propagating your own cultures, since each batch is unique. Many commercial varieties have added ingredients that are not allowed on the diet and may have high levels of lactose. So just like yogurt, making kefir at home is a must. However, unlike yogurt, once you get the hang of it, the grains should keep growing and growing for a lifetime. There is no need to keep purchasing expensive starter, and you should have extra grains to share with your friends and family.

Real kefir grains can be found on Dominicís website or can be ordered from GEM Cultures. If you can find a kefir enthusiast with extra grains, they will typically just charge you shipping and handling to get it to your home.

Click here to view the instructions for making kefir without lactose.

Click to view a video about kefir making.
Keep in mind that this video was not made for SCD. You cannot drink the kefir as soon as it is strained. You need to wait another day or two while the kefir is being stored at room temperature.

Young Coconut Kefir is not SCD legal since young coconuts contain starch.