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Fermented Foods and SCD

The following suggestions have been found to greatly enhance SCD but they are not required. Elaine Gottschall did not require these measures because she did not want the diet to become too expensive and out of the reach of most people. However, Elaine was aware of the benefits of organic foods, grass fed meat and other food issues that are promoted by the Weston A Price Foundation.

Please postpone incorporating the enhancements into your diet until you have mastered the core SCD program and are entirely comfortable with SCD, Basic SCD is the backbone of the diet and its most important element!!

Organic, and grass fed foods are more expensive than conventional versions. If finances are a consideration, continue with standard SCD. A stress free family is best for good health.

The first diet that was influenced by both SCD and Weston A Price (WAPF) elements was initiated by biochemist Seth Barrows. The diet was created on the Healing Crow list and supported fermented foods, broths, grass fed meat and juicing, the same elements that GAPS advocates. Elaine Gottschall was an active participant on that list.

The Healing Crow list developed brilliant methods to adapt the WAPF elements so that they could be tolerated by people with the most difficult digestive problems. The moderators of Pecanbread are very familiar with the Healing Crow protocol and have loaded a lot of information from Healing Crow into this mini website.

Several Pecanbread moderators were active on the Healing Crow at various times, but did not emphasize the enhancement elements because the autism community initially perceived SCD to be difficult. They tried to make SCD as easy as possible. They are very glad that the autism community has become very open to fermented foods, organic foods and avoiding toxins in general.

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