Rachel Turet

By March of 1995, I'd had Ulcerative Colitis for a dozen years and was completely resigned to living my life from bathroom to bathroom where I would helplessly watch my life sustaining blood swirl the bowl as it flushed down the toilet.

I'd heard of, but was reluctant to even read "Breaking the Vicious Cycle", having been convinced by doctors that diet had no effect on UC, the demon that controlled my existence. I finally read Elaine Gottschall's book to pacify a well-meaning friend and after reading it, frankly, my reluctance deepened. The diet outlined in the book was so radically opposed to all I knew, that I was convinced that to try it would only hasten my death.

As fate would have it, my cousin knew someone who had tried this diet and convinced me to call her. I spoke to someone who sounded even sicker than I was and she spoke of a "cure" and of a "miracle" and of complete "remission". Who could resist?

I began the SCD diet on April 1st 1995 and my first helping of home-made yogurt soothed and comforted my burning, diseased gut and completely changed the course of my life.

I have remained symptom-free of my UC for the nine+ years, since I began the SCD.

My understanding of the SCD and inflammatory bowel disease was greatly enhanced and impacted by the thousands of exchanges on LI list, which I’ve had the honor of managing for many years.

I’ve additionally had the memorable pleasure of accompanying Elaine when she lectured in the UK, as well as when she addressed a crowd of almost a thousand, in  Boro Park, Bklyn.

I am completely devoted to seeing Elaine’s work continue to address the myriad of conditions that the SCD has successfully healed (with new miracles occurring daily), and am proud to help where I can.

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