Jody has two boys who started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet in January 2003. Prior to that they had both been on the GFCF+ diet for 3+ years. Her boys are currently 10 and 12 years old. She previously moderated the Pecanbread list on yahoo and was the webmaster.

She began this journey into biomedical options 10 years ago with her older son, beginning with DMG. She added SuperNuThera and continued to add other supplements over time. The boys have both been through 6 months of DMSA chelation. They have been treated for yeast and bacterial overgrowths. The DAN! protocol has made a huge difference for both boys.

Jody has attended many biomedical conferences, including AutismOne and DAN! Conferences. She has also spoken about SCD at several autism conferences. She does a lot of research on the internet and is a member of numerous autism lists online.

Jody is a creative cook and notoriously picky eater. :)
She homeschools both of her boys.

Jody can be reached at: momtobandj@...