The mission to rescue your child from the bad gut bugs is about to begin!

In the beginning the pathogens have an immense advantage. They have destroyed the lining of your child's intestinal tract. Your child's gut is so wounded that it cannot absorb many foods (even some of the SCD legal ones). The foods that cannot be properly digested and absorbed will feed the bad gut pathogens, and this makes it easy for those gut bugs to get the food they need to survive. They will get to consume some of the foods that your child ate, but is unable to digest.

At this point, your child can only digest the SCD foods that are for beginners. This means that the smallest amount of an ADVANCED legal food might be too difficult for the damaged intestines to absorb and may contribute to providing sustenance for the damaging microorganisms and will do so until more healing can take place.

If you are not careful about only selecting the most easily digested foods, and begin to feed intermediate and advanced legal SCD foods too soon, the evil doers will continue to hold their ground and control your child's gut and brain.

Be patient and do not rush into advanced SCD foods. Gotta outsmart those fiendish pathogens!

Go slowly... feed only those foods that vanish into the bloodstream before the gut bugs can grab them. Slow and steady wins the race!

When you want to try a new food, introduce just a bit and carefully observe. You may see changes in BMs that will make it obvious to you whether or not your child was able to tolerate and easily digest that food. Behavioral changes may also be clues. Close observation of your child will guide your next move. Keeping a journal or "food log" in which to note any changes may be invaluable.

The gut bugs are hoping that you will make mistakes: They are counting on some sneaky food supplier to offer a "Trojan Horse" in the guise of an attractive but illegal food, a processed food that appears to be legal but has hidden ingredients added to it. Or they may be hoping that you introduce foods that are legal but too advanced for your child's wounded gut. The "bad guys" may also send strong signals to your child in the form of extreme cravings, to send him/her in search of their preferred fuel!

If all else fails, the bad bugs resort to their own strategies for survival, by declaring a strike. As they sense defeat, they fight back by making the child sicker, releasing toxins as they actually begin to die off. Remember, "they" want you to think that your child was better off having them in control of body and mind. They would be simply delighted if you were to give in and return to feeding your child's former foods!

Yes, the gut bugs have the advantage during the beginning stage, but SCD has a collection of strategies to overcome this disadvantage. We know that working together we can win the fight and get your child back.