Initial Bad Reactions to the SCD

Elaine writes: "There is no way that we can judge how beneficial this diet will be during the first few days. Some children do well even the first week, but others will go through a period of adjustment and what some call "detoxification". Please remember that this diet is creating PROFOUND CHANGES in the intestines. It is readjusting the entire population of yeast and bacteria beyond what anyone understands fully at this time. But the results have been excellent and that is what SCD is about: Results."
"During the first week or so, it often happens that things look a bit worse. What frightens many moms and dads is that the color of the stool can become bizarre shades of green and yellow. This color change is a good sign: bacterial metabolism is CHANGING. The change is affecting the bile salts and therefore affects the color of the stool."

These inital reactions may include a worsening of behavior, GI symptoms and mood swings. Some children experience and increase in the size of their bellies. There might also be an increase in "stimming", hyperactivity or agression. This is an indication that the diet is beginning to work and there is a "die off" reaction taking place.

If my child does not have a bad initial reaction to the diet, will he still see results with this diet?

Many times, children show no initial bad reaction, yet see great results. Some children show immediate positive results. Every child is different.

My child is GFCFSF and sugar free. Could my child still have an initial bad reaction to the SCD?

It is possible because rice and potatoes supply plenty of food for the bad microbes (yeast/bacteria).

How can I make my child feel better during the die off period?

Give lots of love.

Activated charcoal for a brief time. It should not be taken with meals.

Epsom salt baths have helped relieve some symptoms of die off for some children.
Start with 1 cup of epsom salts in waist deep water and soak for at least 20 minutes.
If this is tolerated go up to 2 cps of slats per bath.
If this is not well tolerated, cut the amount to 1/2 cup per bath or even less.
Find the amount that can be tolerated. Hyperness, irritability, and/or whining can indicate that a person is detoxing too fast.

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